CGPD Arrests Suspect In Antisemitic Graffiti

This afternoon, Coral Gables Police Detectives have just arrested Benjamin Michael Garcia, who is suspected of 5 vandalism cases from March 27th through the present. He had targeted several locations in Coral Gables spray painting Anti Semitic messages.

Since March 27, 2021, the subject has been vandalizing the city with antiSemitic graffiti. The subject vandalized several construction sites and buildings in Coral Gables as well as in neighboring jurisdictions.

Detective Raiza Mardis, gathered information and video of the subject and he has been identified as Benjamin Michael Garcia, DOB 03/19/1991.

Today, Coral Gables Police Detectives arrested Benjamin Garcia and charged with multiple counts of Criminal Mischief. Additional charges are pending to possibly include “Hate Crimes”.

Chief Edward J. Hudak Jr., stated, “Today our detectives arrested an individual who has been tormenting the Jewish Community using anti-Semitic graffiti. We are proud of Detective Raiza Mardis and the tremendous job she
did, along with others, to solve this crime and give members of our community peace of mind.”


2 thoughts on “CGPD Arrests Suspect In Antisemitic Graffiti

  1. my sincere thanks to Detective Mardis and the entire CGPD for all their hard work. If we don’t act aggressively, these criminals only escalate to bigger crimes. These are the same people responsible for the riot at the Capitol on January 6. Please publicize this crime everywhere and anywhere you can.
    Again, Thank you VERY much.

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