City Breaks Ground On Minorca Parking Garage (Parking Garage 7)

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The City of Coral Gables broke ground on Wednesday, November 10th on the Minorca Garage, located adjacent to the new Police and Fire Headquarters on Minorca Avenue between Salzedo Street and Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

The Garage, more commonly referred to as Parking Garage 7 throughout the planning stages, will be a 7-story parking garage with office and retail space on the ground floor. The ground floor office spaces will be occupied by the City’s Human Resources, Labor Relations, and Parking departments. It will have 456 parking spaces that will serve the public, city employees, and the new adjacent Police and Fire Headquarters.

The garage will connect to the Police and Fire Headquarters, which is currently deficient in parking spaces. It will also offer the City a place to park emergency response vehicles during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes to ensure the vehicles are protected and ready to respond to emergency calls as needed following storms.

Construction is expected to take approximately 12 months and will be handled by Thornton, a construction management firm that has been in business since 1998 specializing in municipal and government construction projects. It will be constructed using pre-fabricated pieces to ensure more control over the necessary materials, as well as that the project remains on time and on budget, a point the City Manager was sure to make in his remarks.


4 thoughts on “City Breaks Ground On Minorca Parking Garage (Parking Garage 7)

  1. Did the City bypass its Board of Architects again??? Could pass for another “mobility hub”…

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