Coral Gables Continues To Expand Its Public Wi-Fi Network

Official City of Coral Gables Notice

The City of Coral Gables continues to expand its public Wi-Fi network as a part of the Smart Districts – Broadband Infrastructure Expansion Project. The city’s Innovation and Technology (IT) department recently added a public Wi-Fi access point outside of the Coral Gables Museum. It provides free public internet access in the open area of the museum, where outdoor events are held and public art is exhibited, as well as to sections of Salzedo Street and Aragon Avenue. 

The IT department has now completed 20 public Wi-Fi sites including Miracle Mile, the Venetian Pool, and Giralda Plaza. Phillips Park and the Alhambra Circle financial corridor are currently in progress. They also plan on bringing public Wi-Fi to the Coral Gables Art Cinema, Centennial Park, parking garages 1 and 4, the Ponce de Leon corridor, the Andalusia mobility corridor, and the Aragon Arts and Culture corridor.

“To be a true city of the future we must continue to expand our free Wi-Fi areas to provide our residents and visitors with free access,” said IT director Raimundo Rodulfo.


1 thought on “Coral Gables Continues To Expand Its Public Wi-Fi Network

  1. Are they calling all of these new advertising kiosks wifi points and “smart corridors” “Smart poles”. This is nothing more than billboards which Coral Gables has never allowed and intrusive surveillance into the public. If you want true information and safety kiosks that will show the time, temp, upcoming meetings, events in town, maps to restaurants, wifi etc. I’m in favor of it. But the Business District and Economic Development should pay for it and not advertising. This is another example or calling something a cool name to circumvent the codes. Transit Hub = Parking Garage, Technology corridor = billboards, Mediterannean = modern. Codes and values do not seem to matter. This council has to go and they are running like rats.

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