Fritz & Franz Has Provided 900 Meals To Homeless, And Counting

The COVID-19 pandemic has served to bring out the best in many in our community.

Although restaurants have struggled through mandated closures and numerous restrictions, some have sought opportunities to make a difference in our community, during a time of need.

One such example is Coral Gables’ home for Oktoberfest in Coral Gables for 25 years, Fritz & Franz Bierhaus (60 Merrick Way).

Over the last five weeks, Fritz & Franz has provided over 900 meals to homeless in South Florida.

“Last year I started walking in the early morning , almost every day a minimum of 10 kilometres,or about 6 miles. I life on Bayshore Drive and 18th street and walked around downtown a lot. There I saw a lot of homeless people. And I always thought how can I help them. In March when the corona Virus hit and I had to shut down the restaurant, I had a lot of time on my hand in the kitchen and I had a lot of food.  One day I started to cook 50 meals including cake, packed it up and drove them to downtown, the location where I saw a lot of homeless people that morning where I did my 7 mile walk. I realized that 50 meals where not near enough for all the homeless people so I made another 120 the next week…and run out again…not everyone got a meal. The following week I made 200 and I drove all over Miami to distribute them. To hand the food to the homeless made me actually very happy and I posted some pictures on Facebook…..My friends and family on Facebook, from as far away as Austria and Germany wanted to donate to the cause and so I started a fundraiser,” said Harald Neuweg, chef owner of Fritz and Franz.

In order to help increase the number of people he could feed, Neuweg started a Facebook fundraiser “Money for meals for the Homeless in Miami“, where he has raised over $6,200 to further their reach and help provide additional meals to the homeless.

“A typical meal consists of meat or fish, pasta,rice or mashed potatoes, vegetable or salad, cake or fruit and water or soda! I do not know how long we will do this but right now there is enough money to deliver at least another 600 meals. Its better to give than to receive.” Neuweg added.


2 thoughts on “Fritz & Franz Has Provided 900 Meals To Homeless, And Counting

  1. The best french fries in the area are served in Fritz & Franz and for many years I’ve been a loyal consumer of such chips and concurrent to the soccer shows organized there. I congratulate Chef Harald and I am proud of his work that is to be expected of such a determined and warm person.

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