Hudak Appoints New Assistant Chief of Police

BREAKING NEWS:  Chief Edward J. Hudak, Jr. announced today that Ms. Hajir Nuriddin will be appointed Assistant Chief of Police for the City of Coral Gables.

Nuriddin is a 30-year veteran of the Bakersfield California Police Department and recently retired as Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division. Throughout her career she has commanded a variety of divisions including Operations, Narcotics, SWAT and Specialized Enforcement Teams. She was also the first female motorcycle supervisor in the history of the Bakersfield police department.

Ms. Hajir Nuriddin from

Nurridin is a nationally recognized speaker on leadership and diversity in the public and private sector and has trained thousands of law enforcement officers and executives nationally. She has previously worked with the Coral Gables Police Department in leadership training and development.

The appointment fills a vacancy since mid-2018 when former Assistant Chief Michael C. Miller left to take a Chief’s position in Colleyville, Texas.   


5 thoughts on “Hudak Appoints New Assistant Chief of Police

  1. Captain H. Nuriddin is an amazing leader and this is a great decision. She is very personable and will make an incredible Assistant Chief. Congratulations to Coral Gables and Captain Nuriddin! 💙

  2. I have served as chief in the Phoenix Police Department,Houston Texas and the Oxnard California agency. I have known Assistant Chief Nurridin for many years. The chief made the correct decision in selecting his new and very capable Assistant Chief.

  3. This was a great choice for Assistant Chief, Chief Nuriddin is the epitome of integrity and leadership, the community and agency will be better for her service.

  4. I see the new assistant chief has a thriving private business in which she gets paid to speak about various policing issues. Will she maintain it in her new role at Coral Gables?

  5. I’m curious to know if anyone within the CGPD applied for this position? I’m not knocking the new assistant as I see her qualifications but I always believed in promoting from within if there is a qualified candidate. Going outside and hiring would just seem demoralizing to me if I were in the shoes of the current officers who are looking for an opportunity to advance. I’ve seen it happen in private sectors where an outsider would come in and did not gel with their team.

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