Lago: Biscayne Bay Is Not Healthy

Coral Gables Vice Mayor Vince Lago and City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez wrote an emergency letter to Governor Ron DeSantis declaring Biscayne Bay in an environmental crisis and asking for assistance. Lago has been a long-time advocate for the environment leading efforts with tree protection and recycling efforts.

A few weeks ago northern pockets of Biscayne Bay started experiencing low oxygen levels leading to a massive fish kill. Just days ago, a brown mucky algae has begun to plague sections of the bay. According to officials, the algae itself is not toxic but urge the public to stay out.

For the latest information on the developing conditions in Biscayne Bay please follow the non-profit, Miami Waterkeeper,


2 thoughts on “Lago: Biscayne Bay Is Not Healthy

  1. It is illegal for Vice Mayor Lago to use City stationery which prominently features the City Seal to thereby pretend to speak officially for the City.

    If Lago wants to send a personal letter on his own behalf, fine. But until the City officially authorized official action on this issue, he can’t do this.

    And by the way why is Suarez sending out a letter on Gables stationery? I’ll tell you why. Because he knows he can’t send such a letter out on City of Miami stationery!

    Mayor Valdez-Fauli is correct in objecting to Lago’s freelance grandstanding.

  2. We should start by asking Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber to stop running his city’s massive pumps, spewing massive amounts of pollutants into the bay for a couple of years now.

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