6 thoughts on “Latest Coral Gables COVID-19 Numbers

  1. Seriously ? Our City leaders have shown ironically no leadership at all during this crisis–they have ‘elected’ to take a backseat and just follow whatever Miami-Dade County does AND a day later. Our City did not participate with the other mayors and is not trying to be an active part of the solution. it is not even looking out for its residents and now, it is reopening the site AND passing the cost along to its citizens. Disheartening and disappointing…certainly not the City leaders we had in the past.

  2. Is there a more clear visual? It is very hard to read the graphs, especially the number of new cases by day.

  3. I, for one, would rather know the truth even if it’s not to my liking, so thanks!

    A quick review of comments illustrates a trend in ‘quarantine fatigue’ and overall frustration often misdirected at the messenger. I get that, too.

    I thought it best to let you know, many people appreciate the work you’re doing to keep us informed and expect city leaders to keep asking for important data and to consider public safety top priority.

  4. Would it be possible to also show the number of hospitalized; discharged; and deaths, if any?
    There are at least 2 hospitals in Coral Gables, although patients may not be only from Coral Gables.

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