Masks Required As COVID-19 Numbers Continue Rising

Coral Gables joined numerous other South Florida cities this week mandating that masks must be worn in public to try to slow the continued spread of COVID-19.

Only a week after the City sent out an email stating that only those with underlying health issues and over 65 should wear masks and take precautions, Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli signed a new executive order mandating that everyone above 2 years of age must wear a mask in public in Coral Gables, if you cannot social distance.

Concern has grown over the last week as COVID-19 numbers in Coral Gables have followed the County and State trend. The City had 10 new cases on Wednesday, the second highest day since the pandemic began. The City has now reached 216 cases all-time and 59 new cases since June 12th.

The numbers throughout South Florida have been spiking and this week, Homestead Hospital announced it had no availability for new patients and was sending new patients to South Miami and Baptist Hospitals.


5 thoughts on “Masks Required As COVID-19 Numbers Continue Rising

  1. Grow up be an adult like you claim to be and wear a mask. Have you seen healthcare workers dying from too much mask wearing or inadequate PPE?

  2. The numbers are going up. Just wear the mask. It’s not going to kill you, but COVID-19 might kill you or your neighbors.

  3. What happens when you wear a face mask?
    *decreases oxygen leading to hypoxia
    *increases CO2 leading to hypercapnia and respiratory acidosis
    *increased sympathetic fight or flight response which *increases cortisol
    *increases blood pressure
    *suppresses immune system, increasing susceptibility for infection
    *those with a respiratory or heart condition have an increase susceptibility for developing a life threatening condition.

    Who should I believe?

  4. Why not mention how many ICU beds Homestead Hospital has? I believe the number is 11. That does make a HUGE difference when you read this article. Wouldn’t you agree?

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