MG Developer Adds New Coral Carpet To Coral Gables’ Beloved Balboa Plaza

Official Press Release of MG Developer

Balboa Plaza, one of the most original parks in Coral Gables, where the stone bench named “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is located, has a new decorative Coral Carpet, which now completes the “living room” setting at the popular outdoor park.

In 2018, MG Developer celebrated the first installation of the original stone bench at Balboa Plaza for an inaugural dedication event for the City’s Art in Public Places, Public Art in Private Development program.

This new installation of art furthers MG Developer’s commitment to creating enclaves that reflect the city’s tradition of being the most desired living destination in South Florida and reigniting George Merrick’s vision of Building Beautiful in the city.

Now, the new inlaid, terrazzo piece at Midnight Summer’s Dream that has been installed complements the stone sofa and the lush green landscaping throughout the park. The predominant coral color of the carpet also pays homage to the City’s traditional European vibrant charm that can be found throughout the Gables while the pattern in the carpet features a flower pattern that appears to be blooming, pulsating, or dancing through a coral field of flowers that represent the city’s people and rich culture.

The 30 foot long, 30 foot high sofa and carpet act as an extension of a home at the park, together with the fabulous giant banyan tree that overlooks the living space, which creates an enormous amount of shade for those that want to lounge on the bench, also reflects the canopy-lined streets of Coral Gables. Additionally, two statuesque lamps that stand on each side of the sofa, frame and illuminate the living area at Balboa Plaza every night. Created by artists Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt.

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7 thoughts on “MG Developer Adds New Coral Carpet To Coral Gables’ Beloved Balboa Plaza

  1. Balboa Plaza looks beautiful, but I’m not surprised at the photo MG chose for the announcement of “the carpet”. Developers are something. SMH

  2. I look down the street at night and don’t think the lights match the sofa. I’m not a decorator; but, I think the shades seems ordinary. Give it a thought.

  3. What a pity the stone bench faces in the wrong direction on Balboa Plaza and covers up the stunning trunk structure of the fabulous banyan tree. I would prefer to sit and gaze at the tree not the cars on Coral Way.

  4. Quite possibly the worst photo of the carpet it only shows the remaining unit to be sold in his development. Show Behar and Marquardt’s work..not your own, you self promoter!

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