OPINION: The Time Is Now To Make Miracle Mile An Official Local Historic Landmark

By: Karelia Martinez Carbonell, President Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables

On behalf of the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables, an application for local historic designation for Miracle Mile has been submitted to the city’s historic preservation office.  

The four-block commercial area qualifies under the city’s development code Section 3-1103. This area is part of George Merrick’s 1920s Coral Gables City Plan  which was designated a local historic landmark in 2018 by the Historic Preservation Board.  The development of a downtown

[the corridor that sits on Coral Way between LeJeune and Douglas Avenue]

fulfilled Merrick’s vision.  One of the original entrances on LeJeune continues to welcome visitors to “one of the few remaining developments of its type that has maintained its original purpose and significance”.

The Section 3-1103/C. Aesthetic significance criteria qualifies Miracle Mile as a “distinctive area” and “contributes to a quality or identity of …the City”.

C. Aesthetic significance:

1. By being a part or related to a subdivision, park, environmental feature, or other distinctive area, should be developed or preserved according to a plan based on an historical, cultural, or architectural motif; or

2. Because of its prominence of spatial location, contrasts of siting, age, or scale, is an easily
identifiable visual feature of a neighborhood, village, or the City and contributes to the distinctive
quality or identity of such neighborhood, village, or the City. In case of a park or landscape
feature, is integral to the plan of such neighborhood or the City.

Below is the link to the Development Review Code Section 3-1103

The Section 3-1103 PART C. Aesthetic significance criteria on p58 (59 of the PDF)

Also, see link for “Miracle Mile Evolution of a Street” from the 2016 exhibit at Coral Gables Museum

We all know it is historic. Let’s now make it official. 

Please send your support for the official historic designation of Miracle Mile to Historic Preservation Officer Warren Adams [email protected]


4 thoughts on “OPINION: The Time Is Now To Make Miracle Mile An Official Local Historic Landmark

  1. Yes Yes Yes. Time to own our City and build on what we have, not tear down and add a concrete jungle with horrible off-site parking.

  2. Historic designation will the last nail in the coffin for Miracle Mile.
    Each action the city has taken on this street in the last 25 years has been a disappointment and only contributed to the problem.

    Please let us not codify the decline. Miracle Mile will not survive if designated.

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