Quick Guide for the December 10th Coral Gables City Commission Meeting

It’s a long agenda, we’ve selected just a few items of which you can expect to be discussed at the next meeting. To view the full agenda, click here.

Personal Appearances:

Personal Appearance by Nick DiDonato from Coral Grand, LLC the tenant of the Coral Gables Country Club.

Personal Appearance by Silvia Pinera-Vazquez regarding the Alhambra Circle bicycle project.

Personal Appearance by John Thompson regarding Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR).

Residential Lawn Fertilzier Ban – (Sponsored by Commissioner Pat Keon) –
“Excessive and improper use of fertilizers contributes to adverse effects on surface and ground water, and excessive nutrients from fertilizer run off can lead to algae blooms and cause harm to aquatic vegetation and wildlife. Recognizing that it is in the best interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of the City’s residents and visitors to reduce runoff from improperly applied fertilizers in the waters of the City, the City Commission is considering an ordinance to prohibit the application of fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorous during a certain time period each year. The prohibited application period would run from June 1 to September 30 each year, and whenever the City is under a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning. Various facilities, including golf courses and athletic fields, as well as lands used for bona fide scientific research or farm operations will be exempt from the ordinance, provided that the fertilizers are applied following Florida Department of Environmental Protection and/or Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services best management practices.”


Remote Parking Ordinance on First Reading – Zain/Freidman Report is in: Parking pedestals (garages) do not confirm to the objectives of Downtown Overlay (Miracle Mile).  The City Commission wishes to disincentive the building of parking pedestals throughout the Central Business District and the Ponce de Leon Corridor, in order to meet the objectives.  

The report says the City Commission wishes to make new buildings compatible with expected future mobility trends which will lead to lower demand for parking structures.  

The following amendments are proposed as new policy:

1. Remote parking and payment in lieu will be allowed in the CBD, the North and South Industrial Districts and within 100 feet of the Ponce de Leon right-of-way. 2. Remote parking will be allowed for new buildings through the Conditional use process. 3. No less than 25% of required parking shall be provided as a public benefit via payment in lieu.  

This change directly impacts the 220 Miracle Mile property which is slated to be redeveloped as a hotel with three restaurants with zero on-site parking.

An update regarding the implementation of Live Remote Public Comments at commission meetings. (Sponsored by Commissioner Fors, Jr.) –  Commissioner Fors, Jr. wants to create more ways to have public engagement at commission meeting. While he’s still exploring the possibility of having some meetings after 5pm, he’s trying to implement technology which will allow the public to virtually appear before the commission and provide comments and testimony. The Town of Miami Lakes has used similar technology since 2014, an initiate of then commissioner Manny Cid, and has been a great success.

A Resolution approving a combined Interlocal and Mutual Aid agreement between the City of Coral Gables and the City of West Miami, providing for the creation of a joint enforcement zone, provision of law enforcement services and creating a multi -agency Anti-prostitution & Human Trafficking Task Force.(Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago)

A discussion regarding Sec. 58-57 of the City Code relating to sidewalk requirements. (Sponsored by Commissioner Mena)

City Manager to present on community outreach, education, neighborhood meetings, etc. regarding the undergrounding of overhead utilities.


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