Recap: Canes Lose Game 1 To Boston College, 13-0

By: Mike Kaffee, Hurricanes Baseball Reporter

Total derailment of the Miami roller coaster as the Eagles shutout the Canes on just two hits. When it was a must for the Miami starter to go 6 innings, Alejandro Rosario struggled to even complete one giving up 5 runs on 5 hits; all runs coming on 2 outs. Boston would add to their lead in the second with two more runs, also coming with two outs. Gino kept Rosario in to save the BP for the remainder of the series, but after 84 pitches giving up 8 runs on 12 hits in just just 3.2, enough was enough. Nicholas Regalado, who has seen limited action this season only having pitched 6 innings this season was brought in to try to stop the bleeding but lasted 3 innings giving up 3 more runs. With the score at 10-0 with 2 outs in the sixth, Gino brings in Alex Munroe with runners on 1st and 2nd. Munroe’s 2nd pitch, Cody Morissette finalizes the victory with a towering shot to right. 10 runs scored for the Eagles coming with two out tonight in shutting out the Canes 13-0 and holding Miami to just two hits.

After shutting out the Eagles of Fl. Gulf, on Tuesday on three hits, a different Eagle gave them a taste of the same tonight. Being held to just two hits, it appeared the sunshine boys could not adjust to mid 50 degree temperatures striking out 9 times in the first five innings. Vilar would  be the only Cane to get a hit (double) coming in the 1st inning until about 2 1/2 hours later when CDC in the 9th singled coming with one out. That was the entire story offensively for the Canes. Overall they managed to bat just .071 tonight in one of their worse performance of the year. This has to stand side by side with game 3 against Fl State losing 12-0 on a 3 hit ball.

Defensively, it was as sloppy as the failure of the bats to find an opening. 2 recorded errors which could have easily been 4 coming from a generous scorekeeper. Dominic and Gabe should have been credited each with an additional error which was overlooked. Both runs in the second unearned caused by a throwing error by Dominic  and a fielding error by Gabe. The overlooked error in the 3rd by Dominic did not cost a run, but Gabe’s misjudging a fly to right off his glove ruled a single in the 7th, set up the second 3 run HR of the evening with two outs

Pitching, Our weekend rotation is still struggling to get beyond the 6th inning which is almost a most is we want to succeed. Tonight, Rosario should have gotten the hook after the first. Four consecutive hits culminating with a 3 run homer after two out should have sent up a red flag. Only the first inning but it did not get any better in the second with 3 additional hits and two runs. The name of the game is to conserve the BP this being game one, but it was obvious that Alejandro just did not have it tonight and it was time to pull him. With 84 pitches into the 4th, Rosario reached the end of the line and change was necessary. Gino utilized two relievers normally not used, Regalado and Munroe, to give them experience. At 8-0 when Alejandro was relieved, Gino was thinking about tomorrow especially seeing that the bats were as silent as the pitching arm of our starting pitcher.

Tomorrow is another day and Miami better to on its best or another series loss will be handled to us in two weeks. Miami is once again going to the well looking for someone to get us through 6. Tomorrow it will be Alex Mcfarlane making his Saturday debut. Alex’s last outing  was on Tuesday where he pitched one inning of no hit ball. Hopefully he can turn it into 6 of the same starting at 3PM for first pitch.


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