Ribbon Cutting: Coral Gables Garden Club And City Officially Open Lamar Louise Curry Park

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The threat of rain was no deterrent for a crowd of over 50 residents, Coral Gables Garden Club members and elected officials on Saturday, October 15th, for the official ribbon cutting of Lamar Louise Curry Park.

Located across the street from Coral Gables’ historic Venetian Pool, Lamar Louise Curry Park is the fruit of a generous contribution by the late Lamar Louise Curry, a member of the Coral Gables Garden Club and integral member of the Coral Gables community.

As explained by Garden Club Member Audrey Ross, Curry designated the Garden Club with the task of using the funds to bring to life an open space in the City Beautiful.

Curry, a former teacher, was described as a force to be reckoned with and a determined individual who never took “no” for an answer.

One of her pupils was former Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick, who gave the keynote address at the ceremony.

Slesnick stated that Curry had been born in Key West in 1906 and had died 106 years later in Coral Gables. She taught from 1931 to 1961. He read a quote by Curry, which he believed best described her method of teaching: “the main things I wanted to teach, were how to study and to indoctrinate the students in patriotism and loyalty. To understand that a good action would have a good reaction, and likewise a bad action a bad reaction.”

Slesnick also quoted former Florida Governor and Senator, Bob Graham, who was also a student of Curry’s, “no one who came out of Ms. Curry’s class could be accused of being a historical illiterate.”

Former Garden Club President, Betsy Tillman stated that “our efforts have coalesced into the beautiful garden that the Lamar Louise Curry Park is today. Ms. Curry would be so pleased.”

Ross, explained that she met Curry when she moved into her neighborhood in the City in 1979. She said that Ms. Curry “must be looking down with pride.”

Coral Gables Garden Club President Susan Rodriguez spoke about the Little Library which was also added onsite. “I hope the residents come by and share a book and come to visit the park which is very beautiful.”

In attendance were Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago, Vice Mayor Michael Mena, Commissioner Rhonda Anderson (Garden Club Member), as well as former Mayor Dorothy Thomson, former Commissioner Jeannett Slesnick (Garden Club Member) and former Garden Club presidents Sharon Trbovich and Judy Mangasarian.

Lamar Louise Curry Park is located at 2665 De Soto Boulevard.


3 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting: Coral Gables Garden Club And City Officially Open Lamar Louise Curry Park

  1. I appreciate the comments above. I do want to say that Ms Curry left substantial funds to the garden club to create a green space with flowering trees and shrubs. So with those funds the garden club carried out her wish and this park was created. I hope residents enjoy the park and observe the beauty of the trees and shrubs and share a book. It’s a nice place to unwind. I envision an early morning tai chi or yoga class being held there in the cooler months, that could be very nice.

  2. I’m sure the park will be regularly used not only by neighborhood residents but by families who visit Venetian Pool and have a child under 3 who cannot go to the pool, which I believe was one of the intentions of creating the park in that space. It will allow parents and caregivers an inviting space where to spend time with little ones who cannot go to the pool, while others in their party can enjoy their time at the pool. Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Curry and to the Garden Club for this beautiful new addition to our City.

  3. Parks and green space in general are always welcomed in Coral Gables.
    However, such spaces require a substantial expenditure so a study should be made of the potential benefit to the community. If I recall, this park cost several hundred thousand dollars…
    My wife travels in front of this park every morning and then returns home by noon. I take the same route twice a day every afternoon.
    We have commented that, although opened several weeks ago, we have yet to see a single person in the park.
    Unfortunately, this location appears to be an expensive mistake.

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