Wawa And Redevco Defy Promise To The City, Cut Down Oak Trees

In more proof of ill-will from Wawa and their developer, Redevco, on Wednesday, April 14th and Thursday, April 15th, two large live oaks were cut down by Redevco defying the commitment Wawa had made to halt the process until the pending legal battle was handled in Court.

The first tree came down just two days prior to the first scheduled hearing on pending lawsuit from the Gables Accountability Project.

The trees were located in the swale on County property, but permits had been approved by Miami-Dade County.

On Thursday, the County served Redevco with a notice of violation for violating the County’s tree protection zone ordinance. The ordinance requires a temporary fence be placed around trees near construction sites.

Gables Insider reached out to Wawa and Redevco for comment, and neither replied.

You can watch the virtual public hearing via Zoom with meeting ID 96762076330 or with this link https://zoom.us/j/96762076330 at 9:45AM.


7 thoughts on “Wawa And Redevco Defy Promise To The City, Cut Down Oak Trees

  1. It’s appalling how Mayor Lago stated during an interview with the children of Carver Elementary, the PTA and other representatives prior to being elected; that if elected, he would oversee that those trees are removed carefully and replanted elsewhere. A week after his election, this happens. Definitively shows what kind mayor we have. He will promise and make promises to children and parents that he doesn’t intend to keep. Very disapointing to see once again Coral Gables is in the hands of a person with such little ethics and values.

  2. So now they‘ll get a slap on the wrist—a fine that they already budgeted for—and will have gotten away with exactly what they wanted. I know it won’t happen but I hope the courts make an example of them. I truly hope they won’t be allowed to build anything within x feet of the cut trees and may they be forced to locate two mature oaks slatted for destruction, and incur the cost of transporting and replanting them (if such a thing were possible with oaks).

  3. Not surprising. After City willingly negotiated back room deal, it became a custom made rug for Wawa and it’s Lobbyists to step on. City’s willful neglect of 2 outstanding public schools in its only black neighborhood is appalling. But City gaslights parents of Carver students as “racists”!!!

  4. I guess paying penalties is cost of business. And we let them get away with it. There should be an audit and investigation to find which politicians were behind allowing this project to go through. They should be ultimately accountable!

  5. So WAWA has a tree cutting permit but then Miami-Dade county says they cant use it because the large live oaks were located on the swale & some tree protection fenced zone ordinance they violated yeah go figure that one out totally contradictory of one another.

  6. The WAWA developer should be fined a fortune to make a point to all developers that ignoring the city will cost them. They usually get away with this kind of behavior and it needs to stop. Even my neighbor’s contractor has put temporary fencing around the oaks in the swale.
    It is a well known rule! Developers think they can ignore the rules with the result being a small fine.. this will only stop If we make the fine sizable but more importantly halt the construction which will cost them or even better not allow the developer, in this case Redevco, to work in the city for a minimum amount of time, say a year. That will get the attention of all developers!

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