A Tribute To Moms

This Sunday, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. The one day of the year that we dedicate to celebrating the one who gave us life.

Across the world, this Mother’s Day will be like no other. Social distancing will keep many of us away from our mothers and unable to give them the hug, kiss and love they deserve.

But celebrating our mothers should not be a one day affair. It should be something we do every day.

If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is the value of love.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to honor and render a tribute to the mothers in your life. Please post your tribute comments below. We will begin with ours.


I for one, have truly been blessed in my life. I have a mother whose love knows no boundaries. Who shows her love to my sister and me, every chance she gets. She will move mountains to help make our lives better each day.

In addition to my mom, I have a loving grandmother whose hugs light up a room and demonstrates her love through her incomparable cooking.

My mother and grandmother’s dedication to family, was one of the great inherited traits of my sister. As a military wife and mother of three, moving across the United States, she keeps her family grounded and their house full of the love only a mother can give.

Like me, my son was also blessed. Blessed with a mother who loves him more than life itself. The love for him radiates from her eyes when she looks at him.

And my blessings continued to a mother-in-law only knows how to place others first in her life and prioritize the rest of us, filling our lives with love.

To all the mothers in my life, thank you for your love.

To all mothers, Happy Mother’s Day!


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