Incident with Manager Rojas Continues the Narrative of Vince Lago’s Fitness for Office

Javier Baños

Baños is the Editor of Gables Insider

During a quiet, mostly uneventful Wednesday in Coral Gables, as many children were finalizing the school year and others were engaged in their mundane routines, residents were jolted by unsettling news. Various publications reported a police investigation into a possible incident between Mayor Vince Lago and newly appointed City Manager Amos Rojas at City Hall. According to several undisclosed and unnamed sources, the Mayor allegedly had a heated argument with the Manager, culminating in Lago removing his jacket and challenging Rojas to a physical fight. At present, these descriptions remain rumors, as no official statement has been released from any party detailing the events. Members of the administration and commission were tight-lipped due to the ongoing investigation.

Vince Lago, through Twitter (or “X,” as it is now known) and his attorney, has denied any violent behavior. However, if these allegations are true, they paint a troubling picture of a mayor who is increasingly unhinged and possibly unfit for office. The altercation, if confirmed, may constitute an assault on a person over the age of 65, though Rojas would likely refute any claims of frailty. Rumors suggest that Mayor Lago has been under significant stress due to his apparent loss of influence on the dais, ongoing investigations into associates with whom he has conducted business, and recent recall efforts that gathered over 1,700 signatures (not all verified) requesting his removal.

Vince Lago, who now appears physically haggard and a shadow of his former self, goes to great lengths to project an image of decorum and solemnity while presiding over the commission. However, his contempt for at least three of his colleagues and the new manager is palpable, often failing to conceal his disdain during official proceedings. If his behavior on the dais is any indication, the allegations of a possible altercation with Manager Rojas seem true to form, even if unverified.

The narrative of Vince Lago as a fallen angel in the political landscape of Coral Gables has been building for some time. Once seen as a rising star, Lago’s tenure has been marred by controversies and an increasingly erratic demeanor. The stress of his position appears to have taken a toll on him, both physically and mentally. The ongoing investigations into his business associates and the recall efforts against him have only added to the pressure.

Lago’s interactions with his colleagues and the new manager have been fraught with tension. His disdain for their decisions and their appointees has been evident in his public appearances, often seeming aloof or annoyed while they speak.

This latest incident, if true, is a culmination of the simmering tensions that have defined his time in office over the past year. The people of Coral Gables are now faced with a difficult choice: whom to believe—the veteran 65-year-old cop and former head of the local U.S. Marshals Office, or the embattled mayor who denies any wrongdoing but seems to be struggling under the weight of his responsibilities.

The image of Vince Lago as a fallen angel captures the essence of his current predicament. Once a beacon of hope and progress, he now finds himself embroiled in controversy and facing an uncertain future. This incident (whatever it was) occurred on the day of the reelection launch, which points to an ominous start to his campaign. The investigation into the alleged altercation with Manager Rojas will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining his fate. For the residents of Coral Gables, the choice is clear: they must decide whether to place their trust in the seasoned law enforcement officer or the mayor who, despite his denials, has undoubtedly seen better days.


54 thoughts on “Incident with Manager Rojas Continues the Narrative of Vince Lago’s Fitness for Office

  1. Bano’s the Reckless and irresponsible reporting is at an all time high! You negatively comment on a defamatory have unnamed sources…unamed because you make this stuff up on the fly!. What if we all start reporting horrible rumors about you? That you are short, that you look like Bert from Sesame street..oh those are true. How about that you are a womanizer? (unbelievable as that may be) How about some professional journalism? You must be on the same pay to play as Ladra The NewsPuerca from Cortadito.

  2. I am not a fan of Lago. In fact, I want him out. But this “newsletter” is not journalism and it is not informative. It is suggestive at best and with a very obvious malicious slant that erodes the credibility of those posing as an alternative to Lago. Very, very, very lame.

  3. Thanks Javier / GI for the news of the investigation announced by the Coral Gables Police.

  4. Good to have someone keep residents advised of Gables govt activities. The last year has included unnecessary turmoil but often useful in revealing problems. Thanks to jbInsider & CGNA organization.

  5. Good to have someone keep residents advised of Gables govt activities. The last year has included unnecessary turmoil but often useful in revealing problems. Thanks to jbInsider & CGNA organization.

  6. The Vulcan home world received intelligence communications regarding Mr. Baños, a person of interest in the spread of defamatory lies and manipulation of rhetorics in a community known as “Coral Gables.” The particular communication concerned the nomination of Mr. Baños for the appointment to a “historic preservation board” by an individual known as Commissioner Fernandez. This “Fernandez” character appears to have been the predecessor to Mr. Baños on a platform known as “Gables Insider.” The Vulcan home world remains curious as to whether Mr. Baños will be providing his regularly scheduled “Agenda Digest” due to this clear conflict of interest. For further information, click my name.

  7. Lago’s developer friends know the gravy train is coming to an end and they’re running scared so they’re all attacking this publication! Lago is a BULLY! He tried to bully Commissioner Castro from Day 1 – we all witnessed it during a public meeting! Disgusting! Then, he goes on Spanish TV criticizing “right-wing Republicans”! This guy is full of himself! Who do you think elected him! What a laugh! My emails to him are answered, but when I ask for details, he orders someone to get back to me and no one ever does – why? Because they can’t. It’s all a sing & dance game they play. Counting the days when we all vote him out.

  8. When did this become a gossip column. Utterly shameful. Mr. Banos should resign he has destroyed this once great site.

  9. When someone posts an inconvenient concept, the Editor’s ‘moderation” becomes censorship. This site doesn’t even qualify as a blog. In all blogs I participate in my comments are not censored and when someone disagrees a civil discussion unfolds. Clearly, not the case here. That’s why I take screenshots.

  10. Wow! This Gables Insider is a real yellow rag. I don’t much care for Lagos and agree he should go, but seeing Banos, who is clearly working at the behest of his mentor Fernandez, doing a completely unnecessary hit piece on Lagos, is beyond contemptuous. I predict an ignominious future for all parties involved. They should just bury the hatchet and get to work on behalf of all of us. Ridiculous!

  11. Curious way to conduct a campaign… We all know the ultimate goal of this publication is to promote a candidate.
    Writing a defamatory article on the basis of rumors can hardly be called journalism. Best to get the facts. Verify them and then inform the community. Anything else is sensationalism and a waist of our time.
    I am defending a principle, not an individual.

  12. According to a trust worthy and reliable source… Wait, I don’t need a source for this. It’s obvious! This is another one of Mr. Banos’ narratives. Wanna know how I know? Maybe it’s my Vulcan intellect or maybe it’s because Baños left out a very important detail that doesn’t fit into his BS. The Herald mentioned it, but he didn’t. What is that detail you ask? Oh, my dear Watson, it’s that the Assistant City Manager was in the room. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! Mr. Parjus was in the room and Baños didn’t mention that. Why? Well, only he can answer that. But he isn’t going to because this isn’t a news source, it’s a blog. Baños is no angel and he sure isn’t a god. Also… Mr. Baños, when are you going to write about yourself being nominated by your buddy Mr. Fernandez for the Historic Preservation board. Here’s the full item on the agenda for next month…

    D.-3. 24-7603: A Resolution of the City Commission appointing Javier Banos (Nominated by
    Commissioner Fernandez) to serve as a member of the Historic Preservation Board, for
    remainder of the current term, which began on June 1, 2023 and continues through May
    31, 2025.

  13. Here’s an idea:

    Let’s have the entire crew, Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Commissioners resign and call for new elections for which none of them would be eligible. New candidates would have to be checked to make sure they are not fronting for these people. Clean slate I say!

    Well a guy can dream can’t he?

  14. It’s irresponsible to report and negatively comment on a defamatory rumor. What if I reported a horrible rumor about you? How about some professional journalism?

  15. … all these commentators attacking this website … are ignoring what is actually happening!!! the police investigating an incident between the mayor and the city manager… that is all that is known officially… the city manager and castro and hudak say nothing else…. LOOK WHO’S TALKING!!! Lago issues a message… saying he didn’t do it… says there is a witness (violating the no commenting policy that hudak, castro, and the city manager respect) to intimidate and tell the witness what to say… and then claims the city manager is political when Lago is the one blabbing to shape the political narrative!!! One can only conclude the exact opposite of what Lago is peddling— he DID it! the witness saw it!!! and the city manager is not playing politics!!! we’ll see what the investigations says

  16. He’d be relaxed, simpler life, no costly attorney fees & gain of much needed respect in the process if the mayor just came clean & admitted to be true all the allegations going around. He does seem to want and be helpful with the residents but what about all the insider stuff? The matter with C M Amos is probably true admit it, forget and go on you have released inner steam, will be much better off and tomorrow will be another day. G I continue with your writings do not be detracted by the right leaning gravy train group out today, still crying. I do read Aesops, Political Cortadito (not much) and like to hear different opinions though they may differ from mine.

  17. I’m not a developer or special interest person. I’m a citizen who has lived in Coral Gables since moving here in 1997. I’ve met several mayors and generally think the city has been managed well. I think Lago has kept us going in the right direction. I’ve had several interactions with him. He is quick to respond to emails and my concerns, and helped me get to the bottom of an issue where there was no clarity. This article is pretty clearly a biased “hit” piece. Allegations based on zero supporting information have no place in journalism, if that’s what this publication aspires to. The residents of Codal Gables are generally educated. I suggest finding an editor with less bias, or at least be honest about your leanings.

  18. Fictional characters and conversations
    “Hey Mr A…… how would you like to come out of retirement and make a solid $350,000.00 ???
    Says Mr A…. Who, me? Doing what ?
    …… they say..
    We know
    you don’t have the qualifications but no worries we’ll jam you in next week in an ambush move …..
    A says…
    … wow I’m in what do you want for that $350 K? …
    …. they
    say…… nothing much….. just go after our City Mayor…… we’ll help you and make sure you stay hired even if your completely inept…
    … A
    says yesssss !!!!! I’m packed and ready to rumble!!!!

  19. Please listen up everybody:

    Regardless of whose side you are on in this mess:

    There CANNOT be a full and fair investigation of this matter by Police Chief Hudak’s Police Department! You can’t investigate your bosses. That is what special counsels are for , appointed by the Governor.

    It is absolutely BIZARRE that Chief Hudak doesn’t realize that.

  20. Mr. Banos, your “reporting” is pathetic. Your three friends and their puppet manager have made Coral Gables the laughing stock in South Florida. Shame on me for wasting my valuable time reading your trash. Go get yourself a real job . . . oh, wait! you already have it working for the 4 fools we now have in City Hall.

  21. “Your Most Trusted Source for Coral Gables News”?? This article if fraught with uncertainties and conjecture, not news. The words/phrases used like; “possible incident”, “several undisclosed and unnamed sources”, “allegedly”, “these descriptions remain rumors”, “The altercation, if confirmed”, “even if unverified”, “This latest incident, if true”, “This incident (whatever it was)”. I cannot take any of this article seriously. Without facts it has no credibility. I believe it is insulting to your readers’ intelligence and shows it is just a blatant smear piece. We in Coral Gables are better than this. Do better.

  22. To all the Lago supporting commentors that are criticizing this article for being published, have you all shared your disapproval with Ch. 10 or 6? How about the Miami Herald reporting? How about the police Chief’s letter to the public? How silly to attack this publication for printing what we all know is going to prove truthful. Lago is a bully. He’s corrupt. He acts like a baby in public forum when things don’t go his way. He is facing serious investigations into his corrupt real estate ventures and a drastic loss in public confidence. Wake up and give the $ back that Lago is paying you to write stupid comments.

  23. This column reads like the Bridgerton narrator’s oration of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers. So deliciously scandalous, dear readers, etc., etc. Report facts and stop the one-sided editorializing. Otherwise change your name to Gables Enquirer.

    Has nothing else happened since your 5/21 post? I doubt it. But our “most trusted source for Coral Gables news” was silent for over two weeks. Maybe there was nothing negative to write about Lago (or nothing positive to write about Fernandez) during that time period?

    Also, when you write “[v]arious publications reported a police investigation…” with a hyperlink, you should link to all of the “various publications” rather than the one that is your anti-Lago counterpart. It’s like Political Cortadito and Gables Insider are on opposite sides of a canyon echoing back and forth the same message, while residents enduring this circus are stuck in the resulting oozy malaise at the canyon’s bottom. And just so you know I’m fair, Aesop’s Gables is just the other side of the same coin.

    Where’s Walter Cronkite when you need him. He’s dead, just like real news reporting.

  24. lago is clearly corrupt, and obviously can no longer control himself
    as his activites have been revealed he has become more and more unhinged
    he is unfit for office, and likely poised to be a felon soon

  25. I put my money on Vince “The Right Hook” Lago. Bookies have him as favorite because of his age and mean fighting.

    Ding ding ding….

  26. Follow the Money. That is all I will say. Lago is corrupt and probably others that have followed him at the city Government. Just continue to investigate his associates, family, etc. Just follow the Money

  27. Wow! L’Egos protectors out in full force even while we don’t know the whole story. GI is not journalism, never has been. Neither is Aesop. These are all opinions yet the mayor has shown signs of cracking under the pressure. He is truly his worst enemy, even his lawyer’s response shows it. Who needs a lawyer for nothing, btw?

  28. A city manager who was chosen, appointed, and voted in by three commissioners. The same three commissioners who gave themselves a raise. I’m more worried about these three commissioners than I’m about Mr Lago. We are becoming a political circus.

  29. This is not professional news nor objective reporting. Rather, clearly leftist and malign influencing by politically motivated writer. Shameful that this is presented as “your most trusted source for Coral Gables news”. This is an insult to the intelligence of residents. I view it occasionally only to follow the sad state of disinformation and biased leftist trends in the community.

  30. This is not professional news nor objective reporting. Rather, clearly leftist and malign influencing by politically motivated writer. Shameful that this is presented as “your most trusted source for Coral Gables news”. This is an insult to the intelligence of residents. I view it occasionally only to follow the sad state of disinformation and biased leftist trends in the community. Leave the duly elected mayor alone and be appreciative of his hard work and civic service. instead, expose the wrongdoings and detrimental attitudes and policies of the three commissioners who are intent on degrading the quality of life and civil discourse in CG.

  31. Mr Maddow, please try to be just a little unbiased. Youbare obviously a tool for the KFC Fools. Mayor Lago has been the best Mayor thos City has ever had. The loud minority had tried time and time again to thwart the real progress of our city. Keep up the bad work and watch your little publication die.

  32. This publication has become such a rag! You admit in this ridiculous article that it is a rumor and describe Lago as haggard. Also, your grammar needs work and these lengthy stories need lots of editing. Go self publish a book.

  33. Wow, the political operatives and beneficiaries of the corruption that follow the Lago Administration are alive and well. Stop the insults on both sides and look at the facts. There are serious allegations that Lago has to answer. With the election of Fernandez and Castro and the come to Jesus moment for Menendez, the stench over Coral Gables is clearing. Juvenile insults being thrown like bombs at Mr. Banos and this publication reflect on the intelligence of the writer. THIS IS A GREAT PUBLICATION! Sorry-developers and political operatives-the gravy train is over.

  34. Lago has a short fuse, he has displayed this on previous occasions. He needs to pay our police a decent wage, come to an agreement with the union. We are a neighborhood with some of the most expensive homes in the country. It’s indefensible that we don’t pay our police reasonably. Mayor should not be a position used as a vehicle to make deals to enrich oneself.

  35. Even though I had stopped reading this biased, distasteful and mediocre “reading”, I had to this time. Your opening line is just hilarious. I don’t know where you live. Since the last election, Coral Gables residents don’t go through a mundane routine. It has changed from shameful to insanely stupid. Your disdain to Mayor Lago is so obvious, I suggest you read some Shakespeare and attempt to mimic his use of words, similes and methapors.

  36. Reporting on rumors and anlleged accounts of things makes this article fit more for the tabloids than honest, thoughtful journalism. Is the goal here to report on the truth? Or to play politics? If the trend continues I’m going to unsubscribe. Clean up the act, don’t play in the mud, stay the course for fair and balanced reporting.

  37. “According to several undisclosed and unnamed sources” … “Rumors suggest” … “seem true to form, even if unverified”

    If this isn’t journalism at its finest, I don’t know what is. A future Pulitzer winner in the making. Well done Mr. Banos. Well done. *slow clap*

  38. Without confirmed facts this article should not have been published!
    Javier, everyone knows you are on the other team aligned with Menendez and his 2 sidekicks.

  39. This mess is Mayor Lago’s doing. He failed to accept the results of the elections. If he had embraced the new commissioners, and restored the inner workings of the Gables as a resident centered Community and not just one that promotes a culture favoring real estate developments we would not be here now. Patronizing, highbrow, I know best behavior only makes matters worse. He has only himself to blame.

  40. My money is on Rojas! 😂😂😂
    Thanks for shedding light on the issues, Javi!

  41. Mr. Banos, Your becoming the Rachel Maddow of Coral gables…Do your leftist views have no limits??Vince, wants efficiency and productivity, not lethargic inactivity…Do you want a leader that just sits there and rolls his eyes when nothing gets done??…Tell me one successful company where the boss doesn’t push his employees to work??…Its tough to do that at the governmental level,because as we all know government employees aren’t the most productive and efficient of employees…as we all know…Vince comes from a business background where we push the employees to perform…Perform for the taxpayer money we pay…I want a boss that pushes his employees to perform..Not take 3 hour lunches and talk about their weekend that I physically saw and heard with my own eyes and ears when I went to the public works dept. last year to ask about the speed bump I’ve been pushing for ,for the 400 block of Palermo where the cars speed down while kids ride their bikes…Government inneficiency is rampant in government..Its well known..So I want a boss that pushes for productivity..In fact we should give Lago strong mayor status so he can fire on the spot these lazy lefties that think that they don’t have to be productive in a government job….

  42. Javier – everyone knows that what you are actually trying to do is get a job in the city and you think that Amos is going to give you Martha Pantin’s job as communications director. Business must be really bad for you.

    This whole “I’m the new Gables Insider” is rather pathetic for most observers. You think you look like you are important so your “tryout” for the new job will go well. Wrong. You just look like a loser with an axe to grind.

  43. Knowing this unfit mayor i would bet on this happen for real!!! That Me is a LIAR!!! He treating myself, shutdown my small bussines in Gables ( 77 Sportbar) and then he refused everything!!! He is a LIAR!!!

  44. Knowing this u fit mayor i would bet on this happen for real!!! That Me is a LIAR!!! He treating myself, shutdown my small bussines in Gables ( 77 Sportbar) and then he refused everything!!! He is a LIAR!!!

  45. Javier, please you are becoming the new Jake Tapper of Coral Gables with biased opinions and negative articles about our mayor “increasingly unhinged and possibly unfit for office”. A “seasoned law enforcement office” who magically appeared and was put in place without a proper search for his position. Please keep to the facts and no more telenovela type reporting. I for one will voted for all of the new commissioners in the last election but will not do so again, as I see the total disfunction and witch hunt of mayor.

  46. Like all of us, Vince Lago is decidedly an imperfect human. He is also a politician in a era in which personal attacks seem to trump (a term chosen carefully) policy differences. The Most Trusted Source For Coral Gables News might try a bit more to avoid the personal issues which rely almost entirely on value sets, which are changing rapidly in our multicultural society.

  47. Maybe it’s time you leave Lago alone! Again another perfect example of the media painting an unfavorable picture of someone based on their bias. Physically haggard and fallen angel! Seriously!! Looks like some ass kissing toward the new city manager has begun!! It’s clear what is going on here. You make it very easy!

  48. It’s disgraceful how the Gables has become part of the usual Miami 3rd world banana boat island politics.
    Makes you long for the days when Hartnett and Thompson were the mayors….

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