After 44 Years, Swensen’s Shuts Its Doors

From University of Miami students grabbing dinner after class to families going out for ice cream on weekends, Swensen’s Grill and Ice Cream has been a staple of our community since opening in 1977.

Located on US1 in Coral Gables, Swensen’s attracted diners from all around.

Fan favorites included their gourmet burgers, sundaes and of course ice cream.

“The first Swensen’s Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948, and a new American Icon was born. Founder Earle Swensen knew he could succeed if he gave his customers three things… quality, quantity, and value for their money. His recipes called for using only the finest ingredients and exacting ice cream making techniques. By good old fashioned trial and error, Earle Swensen developed a perfect blend to ensure that Swensen’s customers would get the maximum taste from each and every flavor.” states the brand’s website.

The South Miami location has now permanently closed, with no plans to open a new location. However, you can still enjoy Swensen’s when you travel, as the brand maintains franchises globally.

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20 thoughts on “After 44 Years, Swensen’s Shuts Its Doors

  1. Robert Neary we would like examples counselor. All of the worst outbreaks in US history were brought in from other countries. Small Pox, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid Mary, H1N1, Diphtheria, Polio, H2N2, HIV, AIDS, and Covid 19, all came from other countries. Did i miss anything? unless you’re counting the measles outbreak from the non vacers in the pacific northwest.

  2. Such a shame to see it go. This was one of my favourite hangouts with friends during my years at UM. Many memories over burgers and ice cream were had here.

  3. very sad to hear these news. One of my favorite places to take my grandchildren for ice cream and others after school.

  4. Wow, went there many times. Stand alone ice cream, burger shops are few survivor nowadays. The real estate does not appear to have been sold it was purchased in 2012 for a bargain basement price and could be resold today for many multiple times the original price.

  5. Eating at Swensen’s and then perusing the new music at SPEC’s was a family tradition back in the 80’s. Sorry to see them close. Hopefully something good moves in – not another bank!!

  6. Curious to know some of the number of viruses originating in the USA. Always ready to learn.

  7. Sad to lose this fixture of Miami’s restaurant scene since the year I was born. So lucky to have gotten to take my daughter there a couple of times to enjoy its amazing ice cream. RIP Swensen’s CG.

  8. Like many of these businesses, you have to wonder how they even made a living pre-covid19. They see their clientele dwindle and dwindle and don’t do any promotions or advertising because “it is too expensive”, then, Covid19 happens and they are totally not ready for the tectonic changes that brought. And the master franchisor is probably no help at all. I am always sorry to see yet another small business go under, especially one that has been around so long, but it happens when management refuses to accept that, over time, customers do change.

  9. Hey M. Rodriguez. Maybe the place closed because it was filthy inside and the food was bad……. You’re a pinecone

  10. Swensen’s will be missed!! So many years of amazing grilled cheese and bacon sandwhiches and pepermitn ice cream. Loved going there with friends and families for years. So sorry to see it go.

  11. I grew up going here, and so did my adult children. What a shame. Another disappearing Miami institution. My city is fading away.

  12. This wasn’t some plot by the Chinese government and stopping doing business with China wouldn’t have prevented the pandemic. There’s a number of viruses in history that have also originated in the U.S. Think about what you’re saying and learn some facts. Keep your racist thoughts to yourself.

  13. What a shame an iconic restaurant been around forever wish they open at a new location best hot fudge sundaes and burgers 😥

  14. Thank you China. Their virus has destroyed many businesses and has forced this and all other countries to keep everyone from having a normal life. Yet, companies all over the world continue to do business with the communist country because profits are placed ahead of people’s life.

    I have been in CG since 2002 and this was a great place to eat

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