Antisemitism Finds Way Into Coral Gables On Passover

In another instance of graffiti vandalism in Coral Gables, vandalism took place at the construction site at the intersection of Bird Road and Alhambra Circle.

Residents woke up on, Saturday, March 27th, the morning of Passover to find an antisemitic comment on the construction fence at the intersection.

The same antisemitic epithets were written on the construction fence at the site on Aurora Street and Bird Road.

Coral Gables City Manager, Peter Iglesias, informed Gables Insider the Code Enforcement is working with the contractor to have the fence replaced.

Coral Gables Police Department has also confirmed there is an open investigation into the matter.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Coral Gables Police at 305-442-1600.


8 thoughts on “Antisemitism Finds Way Into Coral Gables On Passover

  1. So sick of haters. Who ever did this need to be sent to mandatory non racial hate seminars and community service. None attendance would mean home arrest with forced classes. Unfortunately we are in period of white racism courtesy of our federal government and BLM.
    This country needs psychological help big time not hatred for race or religion.

  2. There should be zero tolerance in our community for this disturbing graffiti message, an example of dangerous ignorance. It matters little if done by an “ignorant kid” or not. This is pure hate and cannot be ignored by our community.

  3. It’s a shame. Ignorant people full of hatred. The rabbi is right. Also the others. Pure ignorance.

  4. Remove the fabric, paint over it and move on. This imbecile is desperately seeking attention and doesn’t deserve our time.

  5. This incident is particularly abhorrent and dangerous, in that it goes beyond the usual mindless catchphrases of anti-Semitic epithets and instead perpetuates libel and slander against the Jewish religion. This is not an ignorant kid repeating phrases they don’t understand, but rather an intentional statement of political and religious extremism. Whoever did this calculated the timing carefully to cause the most hurt and outrage on a holy day. It certainly reminds us that the ancient Exodus story of oppression remains a timeless reality. I am confident that the good people of our community will respond with Passover’s call to liberation from the enslavement of bigotry and hate.

  6. The combination of words don’t sound to me like just a youthful prank to be dismissed. They speak to me of adult-like paranoia, fanaticism, and ignorance, evils that have brought the world great misery and suffering. Too bad we can’t get vaccinated against these.

  7. What! This phrase makes zero sense. The culprits really need to brush up on their history. But then again if they had an ounce of intelligence, they wouldn’t be out spraying graffiti.

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