Are You Ready For A Rum Tasting? Premier Rum Event Coming To Coral Gables

The International Rum Conference will be held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables from September 25th to 28th, and it will include two exclusive consumer Rum Tasting events on the 27th and 28th!

For the last seven years, Rum enthusiasts and experts have come together at the International Rum Conference in Madrid, Spain, but organizers wanted to bring the event closer to the Caribbean.

The conference will incorporate lectures for members of the Rum industry, as well as two Grand Rum Tastings that will feature over 100 rums!

“We are excited to bring the International Rum Conference to Coral Gables this year and are looking forward to holding it at the historic Biltmore Hotel. We believe Coral Gables is the perfect location for this prestigious event and look forward to members of the community participating in our Rum Grand Tastings,” said Jorge Galbis, Director of the International Rum Conference.

This past Tuesday, the Coral Gables City Commission designated September 26th as International Rum Conference Day in Coral Gables and presented Galbis with a Key to the City for bringing this premier event to the City Beautiful.

Tickets for the Rum Grand Tastings can be purchased through the International Rum Conference’s website.


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