Authorities: Do Not Abbreviate 2020

We have all become accustomed to abbreviating the year when we are writing the date. Since our days in grade school, we were taught to write the final two digits of the year we were referring to.

This is not the first time the abbreviation has become a cause for concern however. Many of us may remember, that computers were expected to have glitches when the millennium changed to the year 2000 in the famous Y2K.

This time around, it is not a concern over computer glitches, rather a concern over potential fraudsters.

Authorities are warning that, over the length of 2020, you take the extra time to write out the full 2020, in order to avoid someone writing in an additional two digits that could potentially change the year you intended to reference. When you write “20” someone could potentially add a “01”, “19” or any other number.

Taking the extra time will help protect your intent.


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