BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 Testing For Coral Gables Residents Begins This Friday, May 1st

Coral Gables City Commission has voted to authorize City Manager Peter Iglesias to engage in COVID-19 testing in Coral Gables. The manager presented an agreement with the BioCollections Worldwide, Inc. an accredited laboratory to safely conduct COVID-19 testing for Coral Gables. The commission authorized the manager not to exceed $100,000. Each test will cost the city $75 per test and results will be made available within 48 hours according to BioCollections.
Testing will take place starting this Friday, May 1st  at a city owned parking lot off LeJune Rooad and Greco Ave, an industrial area which borders the Shops at Merrick Park. While BioCollections will perform the tests the city will have 3 police officers, 2 paramedics, 1 site officers (firefighter) and 4 processors (police cadets) to assist.
The city will be able to test up to 100 tests on Friday and will use a designated web-page, to schedule residents and gauge demand.
Iglesias told Gables Insider he will increase the City’s Covid-19 call center by 4 for a total of 9 operators. “Residents should use the website for scheduling.” says Iglesias however he is adding additional personnel to make sure the testing launch goes as smoothly as possible.
While the city is only offering molecular testing via swabs for the presence of the virus antibody testing could come soon. “We’re working on antibody testing as well.” said Iglesias.
Who is eligible?
Coral Gables Residents Only.
How will scheduling and priorities work?
Residents can visit to register and queue up. Residents will be given a priority for testing based on demand.
Priority 1: Residents 65 years or older who have symptoms and/or have  underlying health conditions.
Priority 2: Residents under 65 years of age who have symptoms and/or have underlying  health conditions.
Priority 3: Residents who do not meet criteria for Priority 1 or 2.
HOME-BOUND TESTING: Coral Gables Fire Rescue paramedics continue testing senior residents and individuals over the age of 18 with disabilities who are symptomatic and home-bound. Call the Senior Resident & Testing Hotline at 305-460-5401  — To date, 8 residents have been tested in-home.


The testing will take place at a city owned parking lot off LeJune Road and Greco Ave.
Testing begins this Friday, May 1 at 8:30am.

How much does costs?
Residents will not be charged for their first test. 

What is I am asymptomatic (displaying no symptoms but want to get tested)?
If you do not have underlying health conditions and are not showing symptoms, you can still be tested. You will fall under Priority 3 and will be scheduled depending on demand from others with higher priority. 

What form of ID do I need?
Residents should use their driver’s license as the form of ID when they arrive at the testing center. Three Coral Gables Police Officers will be on-site assisting in verification.
Is the test FDA approved?
Yes, the test is a PCR swab test which is FDA approved. The molecular test looks for the presence of a live virus

What about antibody testing?
Antibody testing is not available at the moment. The city manager has confirmed he’s actively working on antibody testing for residents. 


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 Testing For Coral Gables Residents Begins This Friday, May 1st

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if I need to be tested,yet.
    I am at high risk probably because of heart issues. Age 70 and have, Multiple Scleroses. I did have one morning where I could not catch my breath about a month ago. But, didn’t happen again.
    I am waiting to hear how a close friend of mine who has symptoms and was tested at Baptist Hospital a few days ago to see if I should get tested. Once he had fever and symptoms we did not get together. He stayed at home.
    My concern is I don’t recall the last time we were together before symptoms.
    Do you suggest getting checked?

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