Special Meeting TODAY To Discuss Annexation

Vice Mayor Lago and Commissioner Keon have asked the administration for a special sunshine meeting to take place on Monday, August 5th at 4:30 PM at Adult Activity Center. (NOTE LOCATION CHANGE).

The purpose of the meeting is to re-cap what took place at the recent county committee meeting where annexation for Little Gables, High Pines and Ponce Davis were voted down.

In addition, those in attendance may brainstorm on whether the city continues to fund annexation efforts.

Click Here for the official meeting notice.


10 thoughts on “Special Meeting TODAY To Discuss Annexation

  1. I have read the annexation application and have heard from residents for – and against – the annexation. I don’t see a problem with either of these areas being part of the city.

  2. I m against annexation. Not everyone likes the idea. But most of them who are against are just silent. Just leave the annexation idea aside and work to have all operators well trained when they answer emergency calls to direct the call right away to the right place. Much easier and cheaper than annexation. I m tired of the same example used to support the annexation where somebody sadly died supposedly because the dispatcher didn’t know what area belonged the house of the emergency.

  3. To the Suarez, My apology if that is what you felt. I’m against all annexation including high pines or any other area! It’s not just little gables.Im against all annexation. Coral Gables was meant to be a small city. Where the community has a say. And unfortunately any municipality that grows and grows will not have control of our elected leaders. And this city is so so close that it is unsettling.

  4. My husband and I own a property in the little gables neighborhood. We have been waiting 30 years for the annexation to take place and every time has been the same results. What makes you think all owners will reject the idea or the elderly will be displaced? The homes in the little gables area are well kept just like the neighboring gables. We are all for the annexation. Reading the above remarks by Julio and the others, it seems quite snotty attitude, as if the little gables neighborhood residents were inferior to the gables residents. Outrageous!!

  5. We are against these annexation efforts and object to further funding towards that effort.

  6. Gables Residents – Oppose the new effort to annex Little Gables:

    Dear Coral Gables residents,
    Are you opposed to having Little Gables be annexed into Coral Gables?
    The process to proceed with annexation was voted down unanimously by the Miami Dade County Commission Committee on July 17, 2019.
    Now… your Commissioner Lago and your Vice mayor Keon are reopening that issue with a new notice of a meeting to be held on August 5 at 4:30pm. Re-cap and brainstorm?
    Are you opposed to having Little Gables be annexed into Coral Gables?
    If you are opposed…. please let your voice be heard.
    You were not previously allowed to voice your opinion or vote on this issue.
    Now… it’s more important than ever. Please call, email or attend the meeting.
    They are trying to kick start a new effort to annex Little Gables.
    It’s not good for residents of Little Gables that can’t afford to live in Coral Gables.
    Our homes will never look like yours and your zoning and codes will uproot many elderly people on fixed incomes.
    Please oppose!
    Thank you kindly.

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