Canes Baseball: Miami Loses On 11th Inning Walkoff, 9-8

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
[email protected]

Things could not get any uglier for the Canes. Miami loses a heartbreaker in extra innings on a walk-off HR in the 11th. Miami had every opportunity of walking away with a victory but mistake after mistake seemed to follow every decision Gino made. It started when play resumed runner on third, infield in. Not sure if Ian made the decision on his own or was instructed to do so, but on a grounder back to first, Ian was heading for home appeared on contact with the bat, not looking where the ball was hit. He did not get halfway home being caught in a rundown 5-2-3. The second mistake, Miami retaking the lead in the 10th on a Pitelli HR to right had runners on the corners and Gino decides to switch direction and go with a right-left matchup. PH Dario Who has been one of our hottest hitters for Edgardo. Routine ground out 5-3. Third mistake, one strike away from the victory. Andrew Walters has the count 1-2 and runs the count to 3-2 when he serves up a 96 MPH fastball and it is HR #2 of the season for Casey Cook to tie the score at 8. Miami had the chance to retake the lead in the 11th with runners on 1st and 2nd two outs, Gaby PH for Jacoby Long. Not to be with a FO deep to left. That brings us to mistake 4 and the fatal one. Ronaldo Gallo was brought in to pitch the 11th having Walters already pitched 3 innings today and two Thursday night. Like Andrew, got down to the final out and like Andrew served up a juicer taking it over the fence in right. A disappointing finish ending on what is likely to end not very favorably for the Canes because our pitching is no more. As for our hitting, that is anyone’s guess. It has to be a demoralized clubhouse after blowing a 6-run lead and not being able to hold on for the final out in the 10th and then dealing the death blow in the 11th

I think anyone who has been following the Canes all season sees the handwriting on the wall. This team lacks talent not only with the starters but the limited BP Gino has to choose from. Throwing the same pitchers over and over, their arms won’t make it through the ACC tournament and not having 4 quality starters will not carry us anywhere in post-season play. With such an awesome display of hitting power, leading the ACC in HRs, they have to find a way to move runners via small ball. Strikeouts are the worse in the ACC resulting in leaving so many stranded on base. This is a team floundering with no clear direction. They have the talent, but unfortunately, not the pitching to match.

Will have to see if they can regroup and come back with a win after such a devastating loss. First pitch approx 3:30.


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