Canes Walk-off In The Tenth To Take Game 1 From Pittsburgh, 2-1

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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A pitcher’s duel, awaiting for the big hit to break this game wide open. Neither team could put hits together to take command and with one swing of the bat, the Light came to a stop in the 9th and shock spread through the 3400 fans as Brock Franks a .185 hitter sends the ball over the fence in right to tie the game at one. A stunned crowd watched as Pitt shifted the momentum in their direction in the 10th and watched again as Miami overcame the momentum with a bigger one that changed the complexion of the entire game. With that and a bit of Mark Light Magic CJ Kayfus strikes gold with a walk-off opposite-field single to take game one in a thriller.

Same lineup 1-6 as has been most of the season. Zach Levenson, DH, batting 7th, with Henry Wallen at second batting 8th and rounding out the lineup Gaby Gutierrez, RF, batting in the 9th slot. Carson Palmquist trying to bounce back from his worse outing as a Cane on the mound.

This was a game of dueling pitchers matching Matt Gilbertson and Carson Palmquist where hits and runs were hard to come by. Gilbertson only allowed 6 scattered hits over the course of 8 innings which kept the Miami hitters gridlocked. Carson had less longevity lasting 5.1 innings but not allowing a run. Also with six hits but with a difference coming from 11 strikeouts. Opportunities to score by both teams failed to materialize in runs. Miami was 1-6 with RISP and Pitt 1-9 leaving 12 runners stranded on base compared to Miami’s 5. The Panther’s outhit the Canes 11-7 but the drama came when the starters came out and the BP was summoned.

Miami only had the leadoff batter reach safely once the entire game, coming in the second, which set up the first score. Max opened with a double down the RF line advancing to 3rd on a 6-3 groundout by Jacob, and scoring on a SF to left by Dominic. This would be the lone score by both teams until the 9th.

Miami had RISP following their score in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th before their bats went completely silent until the 10th. Three hits total following the run in the second during regulation play. 

Strikeouts kept the Panthers at bay, 19, shutting down opportunity after opportunity. First momentum change almost came in the 6th, with Carson winding down. Opened the inning with an out followed by back-to-back singles ending his night. Alex McFarlane in relief. The first batter faced singles to center loading the bases. Brock Frank, who would play in another momentum change hits a line drive back to Pitelli at short doubling the runner at second. 

Miami holding onto a 1-0 lead turns to Andrew Walters in the 8th who has been unstoppable until tonight. In the 8th Andrew gave up his second hit of the season, a one-out double, and the following inning his first run. Brock Frank took back the momentum by tying the score at one with a homer to right.

The end of regulation and Anthony Arguelles gets the call from the BP.  Opening walk with the play following becoming the ultimate momentum game changer. Single to right. Runner at first tries stretching it to third and is thrown out by Jacob in right for the play of the game. If safe would have had runners on the corners with no outs. Still, no outs if he would not have stretched it and stayed on second. Next batter strikeouts followed by a single and E6. A definite run would have scored and runners on the corners. A slow grounder to first would have brought a second run but because of Jacob Burke’s perfect throw from right changes the entire complexion of the game and the score stays at one apiece

Still tied at one, Zach leads off by striking out. Henry Wallen hit by pitch and Jacoby Long walks. Top of the order, CJ 0-4 tonight steps to the plate. Pitt decides to switch left and right fielders wanting to have the stronger arm in right. The Magic is about to strike. 0-1 count, CJ goes opposite field to left easily scoring Henry from right helped along with the RF boggling the ball to add to Pitt’s woes and loses a heartbreaker in extra innings 2-1.

It was a night where the winds were playing havoc with the hitters and of Miami’s 7 hits only one batter with multiple hits: Zach Levenson 2-4 (triple). Only other extra hit Maxwell Romero (double).

If you like pitching, this was one for the record books. Carson redeemed himself from last week striking out 11 tonight and walking just one. Pitt’s starter Matt Gilbertson pitched a solid game for 8 innings for 102 pitches giving up the sole run in the second.

They go at it again tomorrow at 7PM with our other Karson also hoping to redeem himself who also had his worse performance last week as a Cane.  Looking for a series win and hopefully a sweep on Sunday.


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