Census Numbers Still Lagging In Coral Gables

The 2020 Census is underway, and participation is crucial in order to secure proper funding and representation. However, as of Monday, less than half of all Coral Gables households had submitted their questionnaires.

“As of April 13, 2020, the national response rate is 48.6%, Florida is 46.9%, and Miami-Dade County is 43.3%. Due to COVID-19, the Census Bureau has extended the 2020 Census self-response window to October 31, 2020. It has also halted field data collection activities. It is imperative we continue to stress the importance of the 2020 Census during this unprecedented time. Although the Bureau has extended its data collection window, we must continue all efforts as if the date has not changed. Every individual has a duty to respond to the 2020 Census. The novel Coronavirus is a perfect example of why we need to make sure our community is properly funded. Together, we can get to a complete count!” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Esteban “Steve” Bovo, who represents Miami-Dade County on the 2020 Census Statewide Complete Count Committee.


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