CGPD Arrests Thief Caught On Camera

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On September 27th, the City of Coral Gables Police Department (CGPD) arrested a suspected thief who was caught on camera. Here are the facts as stated by CGPD:

On September 27, 2021, at 1:44 a.m., Coral Gables Police were dispatched to the 1100 block of Pizarro Street to a report of a bicycle theft. The homeowner observed a white, Hispanic male, leap over a wall and walk up the driveway and tug on the door handle of a black Ford Mustang (locked) via their Ring Camera. The subject, then entered the garage and stole a black Cannondale bicycle (valued at $650) and can be seen lifting the bicycle over the wall and fleeing.

At 4:54 a.m., Coral Gables Police were dispatched to the 1400 block of San Marco Avenue as someone was breaking into a car. Next to him was a bike laying on the ground.  The arriving officer observed a subject fitting the description from the earlier bike theft, walking northbound on the 800 block of Lisbon Street.  Once positive identification was made from the video, the subject was taken into custody and the Cannondale recovered.  The subject is identified as Francisco Javier Rivera, DOB 05/25/1986.   Further canvassing of the area revealed additional vehicles had been burglarized.

Subject Rivera was charged with 1 count of burglary to an occupied dwelling, 1 count of grand theft 3rd degree, and 2 counts of burglary to an unoccupied conveyance.  The subject was transported to TGK for processing.

Chief Ed Hudak commented, “Because our residents work with us every day, criminals like this get arrested by our midnight officers. Our partnership with our community works!  If you see something, say something.”



6 thoughts on “CGPD Arrests Thief Caught On Camera

  1. A low wall & a Ring camera did not prevent the bike theft. We need more cameras or actual Police presence on the streets to DETER crime. The Gables streets adjacent to Tamiami Trail need more Police protection. Where are the Security Guards with the golf carts? Budget cuts? Street cameras are maybe cheaper.

  2. False Sense of Security/ Naivety at Fault. The 4’ high wall & the camera contribute to homeowners leaving valuable objects in unlocked garages or carports. 6’ high or 8’ high fences work better. Sad that our city against high fences. More recent robbery on Capri with perpetrators caught at nearby motel. Move the motels further West to gentrify the area. Make people drive to Okeechobee RD or pay higher prices at a real hotel for their matinée escapades! Jack T, maybe the suspect was observed by Police on street cameras, or, jokingly, you don’t want to be seen at strange hours going to the nice inns, I just mentioned? Maybe some Gables residents don’t want Police to see strange deliveries to their homes?

  3. More surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE please. I would love to have cameras at all of our landmarks, parks and heavily traveled intersections like Alhambra and Coral Way. Homeowners should have their homes properly lit. Too many folks don’t turn on any lights at night. I’m curious why this guy was set on targeting a home that was enclosed when there are so many homes with cars just sitting on the front driveway with no enclosure. Ended up with a bicycle before targeting the second home.

  4. Jack Thompson, why do you say that the citizen spy camera is unconstitional????…Please explain…When the constitution was made cameras didn’t exist, or perhaps you believe Benjamin Franklin had a time machine……

  5. This proves that privately owned cameras, like this one made by Ring, are sufficient to fight crime.

    Our $4 million citizen spy camera system is both unconstitutional and useless, since it has never resulted in the apprehension of a SINGLE perpetrator!

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