CGPD Halloween Display Causes Stir With Parents Of Younger Children

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At Saturday’s Halloween on the Mile, the Coral Gables Police Department’s display caused a stir with parents of younger children due to the nature of the display.

As first reported by the Miami Herald, parents took to social media to voice their concerns and some reached out to Gables Insider to express their views.

The display featured a Coral Gables Police Ford Explorer next to a body bag, while fenced in with yellow caution tape. In itself, this would not have been that controversial. However, the display took it a step further by placing a life sized figure that looked like a person under the suv, as if to show a person being run over by the cruiser.

The officer on the scene who was handing out candy, was also wearing a scary mask. Another issue that concerned parents.

Although one would expect scary scenes and people in masks at a Halloween event, parents of smaller children who reached out Gables Insider were “concerned over the lasting impression such displays would leave on young children.” Another parents shared that they believed “we try to teach our children to trust police officers and having one wearing a scary mask does the opposite.

Gables Insider reached out to Coral Gables Police Chief Edward J. Hudak, Jr. who initially sent a quote stating that, “its an educational display to underscore pedestrian safety in the spirit of Halloween.”

In a follow up conversation, the Chief explained that the Department is working to promote pedestrian safety and reduce speed throughout the City. This was an opportunity to share the message with a large audience.

The department will review future displays, but the Chief did say that the display was intended to start a conversation and drive home the need of reducing speed, using crosswalks to safely cross streets and safely ride bicycles in the City. His goal is to keep residents safe.

The Chief also invites any resident who is interested in hosting a neighborhood meeting to help promote speed reduction, pedestrian and biking safety in their homes. CGPD would be happy to hold a presentation.


6 thoughts on “CGPD Halloween Display Causes Stir With Parents Of Younger Children

  1. CGPD meant well, no doubt. However, for the sake of the wee little ones, I would have preferred to have displayed a police officer in full regalia apprehending a monster stealing candy from the little ones, for example. Ditto for runover pedestrian. How about a civilian vehicle having run him over, instead of a police car?
    Let our guys/gals in blue always be the good guys they are!

  2. Understand the intent. Not sure having a police vehicle being the one that hit and pinned the pedestrian the visual to deliver the message 😉

  3. If you think your kids are going to be frightened by going out on Halloween, then keep them at home. Later they make thank you for living a highly sheltered, boring, and unimaginative life. Good parents give great explanations and help their children grow.

  4. Add this to the list of things no longer taught in Kindergarten and Parenting 101: Look both ways before crossing a street

  5. For decades and decades, parents have been complaining about Halloween costumes and pranks, and intelligent, fun-loving individuals have summarily ignored them. Let’s not change this time honored tradition please.

  6. That was the right approach by the CGPD and the perfect time for parents to explain to their children what can happen if you are not watchful in crossing the street. Please teach them safety. Kudos to CGPD.

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