CGPD To Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint Friday Night

Official Coral Gables Police Department Press Release

On Friday, September 2, 2022, the Coral Gables Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit along with officers from multiple agencies, will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint at the 5600 block of Southwest 8 Street. The checkpoint will begin at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Friday night and conclude at approximately 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Motorists approaching the checkpoint will see informational signs advising them of a sobriety checkpoint ahead. Vehicles will be diverted into the checkpoint in a preset rotation.

The goal of the checkpoint is to create public awareness and deter people from driving under the influence. This operation is part of the Coral Gables Police Department’s continuing effort to make our roadways safer for all citizens.


6 thoughts on “CGPD To Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint Friday Night

  1. I love living in Little Gables and have the best neighbors and friends in my neighborhood for the past 33 years. It’s peaceful. No garbage in the streets. The Waste Management drivers and crews are friendly, thorough and always professional. Many, many people feel that we have earned the power to stay as we are and have always been. We do not want to be part of Coral Gables for many reasons. At this time, Coral Gables needs to take care of its current residents and their many upsets and problems. Residents of Coral Gables are starting to speak up and make it clear they do not want the annexation to add to their numerous issues. Little Gables does not “deserve” to be annexed. We deserve to be left in peace.

  2. To Mr. H. Mulligan above. Understand what you meant BUT, make no mistake about it, this is NOT “patrol” of the North Gables. This is merely a “dog and pony show” by the CG Police Department to appease you and other North Gables residents under the guise of “public awareness” The true PD interest is on Bird and on Ponce where they “run radar” day & night giving them true exposure to residents who matter AND……. yes! it generates revenue. Remember that the Covid era benched their traffic enforcement officers for quite some time. Patroling the North Gables shall never be a priority for the CGPD. Bank on it.

  3. To Angelo Rodriguez. I agree with you 100%. Whoever says the homes in Little Gables are unkept, has not driven by there lately. There is currently a home under contract for 2.9 million in Little Gables. Wonder how many anti annexation folks can claim that😆 Little Gables is red hot for real estate right now. And as far as the street walkers and human trafficking on SW 8 street is concerned, well guess what… it’s still in our backyard and WE can’t do anything about it because it doesn’t belong to Coral Gables. Guess who responds to calls at 3a in unincorporated Dade? Coral Gables police. Learn the facts. Don’t go by Fors fear mongering campaign when he ran for commissioner. He was backed by those very same motel owners that encourage human trafficking. And the only thing dividing Coral Gables from unincorporated Dade is one street. You know what they say about people that spit up😄😄😄😄

  4. Glad to read about the checkpoint. But not so wise to publish the exact times and date? What about the element of surprise? Saddened to see EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, motorists driving with no lights. Are they looking to be rear ended? Why doesn’t the Police do something about this? Are they in cahoots with the attorneys, chiropractors, body shops?

  5. Finally there will be some police at least near my neighborhood in the North Gables. They sure as hell don’t patrol there.

  6. It is time the City of Coral Gables annexes the “Little Gables” section of Miami Dade County to its City, the folks living in that area have done everything in their power to have earned it.

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