City To Require Masks At City Facilities

Ariel Fernandez

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Beginning Thursday, January 6th, the City of Coral Gables will require staff and visitors to wear masks at all City facilities. The recent rise in COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant have led to precautionary measures once again.

Guests at City hall and other City facilities will be required to wear masks at all times and take a temperature check prior to entering.

At next week’s City Commission meeting, the City will once again place plexiglass dividers between Commissioners and require masks be worn at all times within the Commission chamber in order to prevent any exposure to the Commissioners and members of the public.


12 thoughts on “City To Require Masks At City Facilities

  1. Thank you Nancy for your detailed explanation/clarification of such things as masks, vaccines, Afghanistan and inflation to us readers. Unfortunately, we are divided in our beliefs and most
    are set in their ways with no desire for compromise or sense of community.

  2. The virus is here to stay and we are going to have to learn to live with it. The use of a face mask has done nothing to slow or stop the spread.

  3. You who wear masks probably live in a cocoon!
    Yes, I voted for Trump and if the rest of the country had done so, we wouldn’t be in such a mess!
    Mandates are a favorite way for politicians to exercise power! Is this a city of Coral Gables mandate? or is it the County? Throw the bums out!

  4. John P.,

    The measures advocated by reputable doctors and scientists are to slow/stop the spread of disease, in this case Covid-19, and to prevent serious illness requiring hospitalization and/or leading to death. Will these measures taken collectively or singularly 100% prevent sickness/death? No. Public wearing of masks and social distancing is designed to slow the spread of the disease, not prevent the disease. These measures seeks to protect the public rather than the individual. By slowing the spread through the community, you as an individual are less likely to be exposed and, as such such, less likely to become sick or a carrier and, if you do become sick, the medical system is more likely to have the resources (beds or meds) to treat you. When the medical system is overwhelmed, you are more at risk of not having the medical care/meds you need should you become sick or should you have an emergency such as an car accident. On the vaccine, it is designed to prevent serious illness that requires hospital intervention and death and the data clearly supports that the vaccines, particularly the mRNA versions, are doing just that. The vaccines protect the individual and the public. And most Americans are the beneficiaries of many vaccines administered as children and why polio, for example, no longer makes the news or instills fear. As far as your comments to Jack, you are spreading misinformation. Simple economics* is the explanation for the increase prices — gas prices is both economics and the monopolistic nature of the industry. *Supply and demand — increased demand with decreased supply and labor shortages will result in increased pricing in a market economy. Some also attribute increased labor costs to the increased pricing, but I think this is less impactful now as there should be more of a lag. Supply chain issues are a direct result of a global economy impacted by a global pandemic along with a decades long lack of investment in our infrastructure (ports in this case) (not even addressing how such ports are owned/operated and the impact that has on the US) combined with a monumental shift in the way Americans purchased goods because of the pandemic and exacerbated by continued demand for goods. As far as hyperinflation – nope. Hyperinflation, generally described as a series of rapid, excessive, and out-of-control price increases, is rare in developed countries. That’s because a true hyperinflation has to meet a high bar—an inflationary rate of 1,000% or more per year, according to most economists. Experts, in general, do not believe hyperinflation is likely [in the US]. Here’s a link for those of us interested in the topic: Pretty good general summary. Regarding Afghanistan, yes, it was a mess. But was it Biden’s mess alone? Afghanistan was a failed policy almost from its inception and acknowledged as such by the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was messy and had problems — many of which are in Biden’s lap but some of which were left over from prior adminstrations. And I suppose you have amnesia regarding Covid – it arrived in the US in 2020. Under Trump, a systematic war of misinformation was unleashed regarding it leading to unnecessary death and sickness. Also under Trump, vaccines were developed. But sadly, Trump’s war on science did not stop. And while Trump’s minions talked a good game of having a plan and resources in place to quickly distribute vaccines to the public upon approval, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing in place. The Trump administration punted to the states with no forewarning or funding to the states. Not only that, but they then undermined their own constituancies’ confidence in a vaccine for which they were instrumental in bringing to fruition (an outstanding success) leading to extreme vaccine hesitancy and a large unvacinnated population to this day. Under Biden, vaccines have been readily accessible (can’t control those that chose not to get it). Under Biden, there has been a consistent message regarding masks, social distance, and hand washing. Under Biden, there is a persistent effort to stay on top of the science regarding vaccines and treatments and to NOT disseminate misinformation regarding either. It’s interesting that you acknowledge there is a pandemic involving a deadly disease (your comment about folks dying), but then take no individual responsibility in doing what is within your power to slow/stop it — both within your community and from mutating yet again as virus do when they have ample host populations. While the Trump administration is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, the same cannot be said for the Biden administration who continue to do everything they can to protect the lives and health of all Americans. Biden cannot be held responsible for the fact that Covid-19 is deadly or for those that chose not to use the resources made available to them to prevent serious illness/death and pay the ultimate price for their misguided beliefs.

  5. John P, keep defining your life and beliefs by a traitor to our Constitution and democracy. You, and people like you are the real issue for our country – not the cost of gas or using masks.

  6. Susan,
    Where is there proof that masks make a difference? Your anecdotal evidence is not enough. I also had friends who were vaxxed and masked and they got sick and died. In locations where strict mask mandates have been enacted, there is a huge rise in case. The opposite is true of other locations. Sometimes high masking leads to fewer cases, sometimes it doesn’t. This shows that there is NO correlation between the two. I refuse to fall for superstitious nonsense like throwing salt over your shoulder, or crossing the street when you see a black cat.
    The only sure-fire way to not get sick is to stay away from someone who is sick. Because we live in a society where that is nearly impossible, the only practical answer is to get sick and take monoclonal antibodies, or just ride it through, like I did last Summer.

  7. Jack,
    That’s pretty rich coming from someone who believes in a cloth around your face to protect you from a microscopic virus, like some religious talisman. You sound more cult-like than the flat earthers. Thousands of scientists around the world have spoken out against these types of superficial efforts, like plexiglass, cloth masks, 6 feet distance, etc. It’s all for show and you’re falling for it.

    I bet you are one of the voters who praise Biden while you pay twice as much for gas, and have supply shortages, and have hyper-inflation, and allow a failed exit strategy from Afghanistan, and have almost twice the number of deaths as President Trump had. I guess mean tweets were just SOO much worse, right?

    Oh and by the way, I bet you injected in your arm with a beautiful “vaccine” provided by Mr. Bad Orange Man, and you haven’t even said Thank You.

  8. John P,

    There are American made respirators, N95 masks, followed by Chinese KN95, then surgical masks ASTM level 3, 2 then 1. Then come the cheapies.

    It is difficult to breathe with N/ white series. The bottom lines aren’t so bad. I don’t know why people are so rebellious, not wishing to use something. Evil people? Stupid people?

  9. John P,

    There are American made respirators, N95 masks, followed by Chinese KN95, then surgical masks ASTM level 3, 2 then 1. Then come the cheapies.

    It is difficult to breathe with N/ white series. The bottom lines aren’t so bad. I don’t know why people are so rebellious, not wishing to use something. Evil people? Stupid people?

  10. Let me guess, John. You voted for Trump which puts you in the viral equivalent of the Flat Earth Society.

  11. Easy enough to do and does make a difference….mask wearing is such a simple thing to do and obviously also saves lives…I have not even had the sniffles for over 2 years and this is true for all my family members too…

  12. Great, more useless measures that give people a false sense of security. Nothing we do, aside from welding ourselves into our homes, will prevent this virus from spreading. Nature wins again, as it always does. Learn to live with it instead of making our lives more miserable.

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