City’s Website Provides Advertising For Fors’ Campaign

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The City of Coral Gables’ new website has not advertised the City Commission’s upcoming Sunshine Meeting regarding solid waste, but it has been running advertising for Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr.’s campaign for Miami-Dade County Commission.

As first reported by Florida Politics, Fors’ campaign ad (pictured below) was running on the City’s website on Monday, August 8th. In fact, the City does not know how many of Fors’ campaign Tweets were displayed on his official Coral Gables Commission page since the launch of the new website.

When asked by Florida Politics, Fors blamed the City: “‘We’ve never had a Twitter ticker on our profile pages before,’ Fors said. ‘I don’t even know if (staff) were notified (about the issue) or if they just saw it themselves. They’re all over the website, because it’s brand new, and they’re actively working on it. I never even saw the ticker. It could have been up there for five minutes, for all I know.'” The article continues, “Fors said later that the post was up on the site for ‘exactly 8 minutes’ before staff removed it.”

However, the new website was first shown to the Commission in a beta form at the June 28th City Commission meeting, at which time Commissioners and members of the public were urged to visit the site and provide feedback.

Sources at City Hall inform Gables Insider that the Twitter feeds of the members of the Commission were included in this beta version, implying Fors’ ads had been running for over a five weeks.

A check of his “official” Twitter account, shows Fors has been using his “Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr.” Twitter account for both official City business and campaign messaging. A check of the account shows that all but two of his Twitter messages during this time have been campaign related.

As Florida Politics explains, “That’s a violation of county ordinances, according to Jose Arrojo, executive director of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust.” “Arrojo told Florida Politics that county and municipal elected officials in Miami-Dade are prohibited from using government resources for political campaign purposes. ‘An incumbent, elected official is not allowed to use any resource of the municipality they are currently serving in for campaign purposes — period. That’s a hard-and-fast rule, and everybody knows that,’ he said. ‘The bright-line rule is that you can’t send out (or publish) campaign advertisements for a new position you’re seeking on a municipal website.’ He continued, ‘When it comes to incumbents running for re-election or higher office, they are certainly permitted to communicate to constituents about matters relating to governance and this may have a political benefit. However, this is permissible and simply a benefit of incumbency, as long as the communication does not cross the line into pure political advertisement or ‘vote for me’ type of language,'” states the article.

Fors has resigned his seat on the City of Coral Gables Commission effective November 22nd, in order to run for the Miami-Dade County Commission seat vacated by Rebeca Sosa. Fors is facing off against Kevin Marino Cabrera, Dariel Fernandez and Victor Vazquez in the August 23rd election.


9 thoughts on “City’s Website Provides Advertising For Fors’ Campaign

  1. I have to agree with Mr. Dean. While not a fan of Fors, Cabrera, a political operative (his sole adult experience) – not a marketing executive (look at his CV — lobbyist and operative) and Cabrera is affiliated with Proud Boys (stood side-by-side with them and condemned by GOP for it). BETWEEN FORS AND CABRERA – FORS 100%. Victor Vazquez has experience on the Miami Springs commission, is a military vet and former educator (history professor, department chair, and dean at Miami Dade College). Channel 10 invited all 4 candidates on August 14th: Fors and Vazquez showed up, Fernandez bowed out at the last minute, and Cabrera dodged the invitation (I guess hoping his mother’s letters to residents will serve as his platform).

  2. Now this is interesting. I was curious to see how the MDC election would play out here. Lago pays Ariel to run this blog (check Lagos campaign $$). Lago has to be friendly with Fors on the dais. I thought that friendliness extended beyond the dais when Fors and Lago shared a limo at Tour de Kitchens. Guess not. Lesson for Fors hopefully.

    Cabrera obviously pays Ariel too. But Dariel Fernandez is Ariel’s cousin so my guess is Lago/Ariel endorse Dariel Fernandez. Dariel is a good human and kind soul but I tend to judge people by the company they keep and in this case I find myself conflicted.

    Dariel gets my vote because he’s a good human and I know it.

  3. Fors is far from perfect but better than Trumpers, Cabrera and Fernandez that seem to be motivated more by division than collaboration. Victor Vazquez is also a safe choice as he’s an educator, veteran and already serves as a municipal commissioner. We will see what happens.

  4. I’m not voting for either of those two pieces of a mess. Fors ran for city commission for a 4 year term. Not to use it as a stepping stone to further himself. He seemed like a nice guy and it’s probably boost as well we are losing him, but he reneged on his promise to those that voted for him. How soon will he do that’s again?
    He’s lost his ‘honorable’ status in my eyes

  5. Fors is a dishonest, embarrassing member of our CG commission, Cabrera is an apparent liar, Vazquez and Fernandez are practically unknown. I believe MDC would be better served by having an empty chair in the Commission until a worthwhile candidate shows up. Unfortunately that won’t happen so brace yourselves !!!!!!

  6. Fors is anything but honorable or honest! Our community should never be represented by this type of individual’s they only bring shame and corruption to a department or organization. Miami don’t be fooled by this con man.

  7. Fors is an embarrassment to our community. This is another sign of his true colors. Wether he’s committing homestead fraud, parking in handicapped designated spaces or now using city resources to campaign it’s always something shady with Fors.

  8. Look who is calling the kettle black. This so called independent website takes $$$ for false advertising by Cabrera weekly. You permit this liar to portray himself as an independent outsider when his wife serves in the state legislature, he is a political lobbyist and was co chairman of the Trump campaign in Miami Dade County. Shame on you for taking as $$$ and promoting lies and deception!

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