Commission Approves 1.5% Solid Waste Assessment Increase

For a second year in a row, the City of Coral Gables commission voted to pass through a 1.5% tipping fee solid waste increase to residential property owners resulting in approximately a $4 increase. The item was moved by Commissioner Pat Keon and Mayor Raul Valdez-Fauli passed the gavel to second the motion. Commissioner Mike Mena was the third deciding vote which allowed the item to move pass. Vice Mayor Vince Lago and Commissioner Jorge Fors, Jr. opposed.

The increase is a pass-through due to a rise of Miami-Dade County waste processing facility tipping fees.

The entire commission however rejected staff’s recommendation to eliminate the 15% early payment credit given to residential property owners since 2015 resulting in approximately $130 yearly savings. The city administration argued too many residents are taking advantage of the savings and is resulting in $600,000 loss of revenue and proposed a three-year phase out increasing solid waste bills by $44 each year. At the end of the three years, all solid waste bills would be placed on the property tax roll.

Commissioner Jorge Fors, Jr. said he felt uncomfortable given the economic downturn the entire country is currently facing to eliminate the discount. Commissioner Mike Mena voiced his frustration with the administration given the lack of time afforded to make a decision when staff said they didn’t have another meeting to discuss in order to make deadlines for county TRIM notices.

Vice Mayor Vince Lago asked for a sunshine meeting to discuss the future of solid waste in Coral Gables and several commissioners agreed. The date of that meeting has not yet been set.


8 thoughts on “Commission Approves 1.5% Solid Waste Assessment Increase

  1. City Beautiful is “Trash Pile City” They are a disgrace! As soon as the trucks come buy to pick up most (and not all of the debris), somebody dumps garbage right back in it. Should be eliminated or picked up more often. Construction sites around Almeria Avenueare particularly bad, where construction worker lunch garbage is thrown in the piles without bags. We have a rat problem in our alley now.
    As for the trash piles themselves, when they are empty, which is rare, there is a gaping pit which is dangerous for automobiles, bicyclists and people walking at night, something we are doing a lot of these days.

  2. I recently was invoiced twice (Totaling approx. $250) in addition to the $800 yearly fee for excessive tree trimmings. First time in 18 years I lived in Coral Gables did I receive invoice fees in addition to the $800. I cleared trees in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season and was shocked to find I was invoiced for this. Thought I was doing the right thing as city and FPL did not address the tree growth.
    Apparently, we do not get the County offered twice yearly “Bulky Waste” pickups. With this new Coral Gables fees, we should at least be able to get the twice yearly Bulky Waste pickups included.

  3. It is very upsetting to see cardboard boxes in the pit intended ONLY for garden waste! The boxes are supposed to be placed with the recycling. I think homeowners should be fined for doing this. Earlier this year there was a proposal to fine residents, but the opposing view was that outsiders come along and place their trash in these pits without the residents’ permission. What can be done? Why are we allowing the City Beautiful to look like a trash dump???

  4. This is COMPLETE GARBAGE! Perhaps… if coral gables weren’t so archaic with its trash pick up…, we are the only ones in Dade County who think their trash doesn’t stink, that require sanitation workers to run around with some make shift wheel barrel, risking heat stroke and injury while they pick up our trash. We pay close to 800.00 a year for this backward service that should have been upgraded years ago. I believe anywhere in Dade it’s under 300.00 a year and their streets look a heck of a lot cleaner than ours. We are only encouraging sofas, water heaters and kitchen sinks sitting in swales with this system. What happened to all this talk about upgrading our system? Fell on deaf ears? Funny, we pride ourselves on being so green yet all this gunk is seeping into the ground adding to the greenhouse effect. Hmmm… can we say oxymoron??? Vince I’m with you! THIS IS TOTAL RUBBISH. Forget 21st Century, this system belongs in the 19th century. Makes me sick… literally

  5. It is not the time to increase fees and eliminate discount. You cannot do both specially now.

  6. Yes Aida, do not pay those $35 for removal. Weekly pick up service of green waste (and other things) is included with your waste removal fee. Just pile it up in your pit. You should have one in your swale area. Check the city’s website if you need more info.

  7. In this current state of the economy and covid ,do you really think it is fair to increase prices ,and get rid of early payments t discounts ,sounds pretty heartless to me .

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