Commission To Discuss Parks Referendum, Tuesday (3/8) At 5:00PM

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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The Coral Gables City Commission will have a discussion on the proposed parks master plan referendum at a time certain of 5:00PM on Tuesday, March 8th.

The discussion will be a part of the regular Commission meeting scheduled for that day, but will take place in the evening to allow for additional resident participation.

The discussion will revolve around staff’s proposal to hold a referendum where residents would vote on whether to authorize the City securing the funding for the project.

The item was recently discussed at a City Commission sunshine meeting, where the Commission gave specific direction for staff, including the reduction of the total amount currently proposed for the total project, $160 million.

Residents interested in participation can log in to the Commission’s Zoom link at 5:00PM on the 8th of March, or watch live on Coral Gables TV or the City’s live-stream on YouTube.

The Commission is expected to take a vote on this issue at the meeting.


4 thoughts on “Commission To Discuss Parks Referendum, Tuesday (3/8) At 5:00PM

  1. Well I attended in person and spoke
    It seems obvious this referendum is based on “3 mystical options” mentioned by one Commsr and weakly echoed by another is the “selling point” to move this along yet no vote was taken (thankfully) since I can easily predict it will fail miserably at the polls
    So; I laid out a different way of looking at generating park improvement revenues but it fell on deaf ears cause someone or “someone’s” of the commissioners wanted a go-forward vote last night.
    My alternate perspective is fiscally sound as I served as Board member of MDade’s Parks and Recreation and when I mentioned certain areas where Gables can analyze I was dumbfounded as the non recognition of that logic as I suspect perhaps some geographic ignorance
    Bottom line message is to come up with another, more creative business plan other than taxing us as opportunities exist
    Given this tunnel vision and close minded approach I’m a solid “NO”
    Thank you Mayor Lago for your “No”

  2. Park on corner of Granada Blvd and Majorca Ave is mostly a dog poo park. Big beautiful lawn for dogs to poo on and our kids to run through while collecting parasites and bacteria. Dogs poo in every other corner of our city. Let the kids have a poo-free park please.

  3. The park tax for $160 million is a scam.

    Don’t read this and then sit there, doing nothing.

    Tell each of the 5 commissioners you are against it. Email, telephone, speak at the commission meeting.

    Don’t leave it to someone else to protest for you.

    If you do nothing, you deserve to be scammed.

  4. Ariel Fernandez: You need to post the clip of the city employee that let the cat out of the bag, on the record, during the last workshop on this, that they they can (will) use the money for whatever they want and they don’t need to actually do everything they say they are going to do. Someone is not telling the truth (surprise!).

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