Commissioner Calls For Further Discussion To Combat Structural Racism And Just Practices

Commissioner Mike Mena has placed an item for commission discussion on what steps the Coral Gables Police and the City Administration can take to continue self-evaluating and implement policies that compact structural racism and incentive just policing practices. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 9th starting at 9am via Zoom.

While this item is not a public hearing item, it’s unclear if members of the public can participate in the discussion. There is a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the beginning of every commission meeting where the public can comment on issues in general relating to the City of Coral Gables.


6 thoughts on “Commissioner Calls For Further Discussion To Combat Structural Racism And Just Practices

  1. I don’t know who this Mayra Joli is, but, arresting “black people” for “looking suspicious” because they are “roaming around” is basically, unconstitutional. And this is from an “immigration attorney”?

    I hope the City does only two things and do them well:

    1. Hold each police officer accountable.
    2. Hold each police officer who sees an illegal or unjustified act by another cop accountable for not doing his/her duty.

    It’s super simple. The Constitution says that all men are created equal. We must hold cops to a higher standard because, after all, they can shoot us. So, just tell cops to treat everyone exactly the same and hold them accountable if they don’t.

  2. Your job, paid and elected by Gables Residents, is “PROTECT” our Coral Gables community.
    You and our Coral Gables police should do their job according to the Unites State of America Constitution.
    They don’t have to kneel to get it done, just be trained, go by the book and do not kill unnecessary lives whether they are BLACKS, WHITES, LATINOS, YELLOW OR OTHERS,” ALL LIVES MATTERS” NO JUST BLACK”.
    That is how this country was formed and has a Justice Department to take care of that and go by the Constitution which they created.
    Hope better times and health will come real soon.

  3. The fact that a former candidate for Congress—Joli—asks CGPD to “arrest” African Americans that look “suspicious” is not only tone deaf in these times but flies in the concept of probable cause incapsulated in the 4th Amendment that separates us from Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, Zimbabwe, etc. African Americans have a right to walk through our streets, Ms Joli. This is not 1980s South Africa.

  4. This is a great idea… I hope that your group don’t advocate to just instruct the Coral Gables police to kneel and not make any arrest to suspicious blacks roaming in the area in an effort to appear just and fear. Remember your duty is to PROTECT our community, our residents, our city. Not to look good and play the part.

  5. This is a good idea. I hope Black people who live or work in the Gables attend and are allowed to speak

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