Community Meeting Thursday To Discuss Grant Application For Upgrades To Phillips Park

Official City of Coral Gables Notice

The City of Coral Gables invites you to attend a Community Meeting Thursday, August 18, 6 p.m. at Coral Gables Police and Fire Headquarters, Community Meeting Room, 2151 Salzedo Street. To discuss the city’s desire to apply for a Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program grant for upgrades to Phillips Park, located at 90 Menores Avenue.

As a resident or stakeholder of this area, your input is vital in enhancing this park to benefit the community.

For additional information please contact Coral Gables Community Recreation at 305-460-5620 or email [email protected].

You can also attend this meeting via this link:…/reg…/WN_F2P45BRBR-W6IIDUP8a5eg


2 thoughts on “Community Meeting Thursday To Discuss Grant Application For Upgrades To Phillips Park

  1. Why doesn’t the residents get noticed of these meetings? I live 3 blocks from here and knew nothing until I ran across this flyer.

  2. Another thought…..
    I am extremely pleased to see that our City has seen the light, at least this time, to discuss with the residents a possible grant application to upgrade Phillips Park. Wow, the staff has realized that perhaps the residents know what they would like to see happen, unlike other times when the City staff “knew best” to the chagrin of the people affected by their decisions. Some examples come to mind, the Miller Road “improvements” that were agreed upon with the University without any input from the neighbors until WE found out what was going on. Of course we were too late and most of the project could not be stopped, ie, the huge roundabout on San Amaro; the Alhambra Bicycle Lanes, the septic to sewer, etc. How many times has the City returned funds because WE were not part of the process?
    Just a caveat, meeting with the stakeholders and “listening to them” does not complete the process. We discussed the Betsy Adams Park proposal and were content with it. Guess what? We did not get what we were promised for lack of funding supposedly! The residents need to stay alert every inch of the way, to avoid a repeat of our park.
    Commissioner Menendez appears to be eager to find millions for parks. I understand, but there are other pending projects, such as Vice Mayor Mena’s Sunset Drive Fire Station that is still not a reality!

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