Coral Gables Garden Club’s As I See It Photography Competition Fundraiser Is Underway

Official Press Release of the Coral Gables Garden Club

The Coral Gables Garden Club raises funds to give back to the City of Coral Gables, its residents, and schools and has done many beautification projects over the last 98 years. The mission of the garden club is dedicated to educating our members, our youth, and the public in gardening, horticulture, environmental issues, community beautification, and the art of floral design.

Our 3rd annual nature photography contest has already begun, and submissions will be accepted until May 5th. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top 25 images. The Marlene Kerdyk Award is given to the overall best image and receives $1,000. The garden club is collaborating with the Coral Gables Museum. We will have an exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum for the top 25 images and the museum’s top 25 photos from their contest, Capture Coral Gables, from August 10th through October 1st. 

You can go to our website and check out the details at

True to our mission, which is to educate our members and the residents of Coral Gables about horticulture and flower design, we are also planning a National Garden Club small standard flower show called “The City Beautiful” on April 24th, from 1-3 PM at the Coral Gables United Church of Christ, located at 3010 Desoto Blvd. in the fellowship hall. This event is free and open to the public.  Come and see what the garden club members are growing in their gardens; you will be delighted by the creative floral designs that will be judged by National Garden Club and Florida Federated Garden Club judges. Learn about our conservation projects and the advantages of joining a garden club. Please register for this free event on Event Brite by going to


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