Coral Gables Sees Highest Rise In COVID-19 Cases In Four Day Stretch Since April

Concerns have been growing throughout the State of Florida over the upward trend of new COVID-19 cases in the State. Over the weekend, Florida saw three record setting days in a row.

In Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez has taken note of the trend in his City and the County and has started discussing the possible return to a safer-at-home policy to continue to maintain a more flattened curve.

Coral Gables had seen a flattened curve for several weeks. In fact, the City had only seen 23 new cases in 27 days, dating back to May 16th.

However, that seems to be changing. On Friday, Coral Gables saw 3 new cases, its highest single-day rise since May 26th. That was followed by 4 new cases on Saturday, the highest single-day rise since May 15th. An additional two cases were confirmed on Sunday.

This morning, Coral Gables tied its 4th highest daily rise at 6 new COVID-19 cases. Bringing the four-day total to 15. Coral Gables had not seen a four-day rise in the number of confirmed cases of over 13, since April 8th, right at the peak of the pandemic.

The rising numbers come two weeks after Coral Gables closed its testing site, citing lack of necessity for offering residents this service.


17 thoughts on “Coral Gables Sees Highest Rise In COVID-19 Cases In Four Day Stretch Since April

  1. We should not shut anything down. Enough! Personal responsibility for everyone, including those that participated in protests and are planning any future protests. From what I witnessed, most did not.

  2. Seems to me that the people need to show some discipline for the greater good of their fellow man. If you cannot wear a mask during this times to save lives, then you do not deserve to have the city and businesses open and if business owners feel that they do not have to follow and enforce the rules of the city, that business should be closed and a fine levied on it. People are getting sick, many are dying and all you greedy people can think about is yourself and money.

  3. The missing piece seems to be any adequate contact tracing system. Test, trace and isolate are the only ways to prevent community spread. No politician at city, county and state level has shown any interest or knowledge of what Florida is doing with its contact tracing. How can we find this out and lobby for more of it? Some of the millions of unemployed workers could be hired to be contact tracers – we do not have to use Google or Apple apps.

  4. Everything should remain opened. If you fear getting the virus, then you stay home. Personal responsibility is a thing. People should be free to make their own decisions.

  5. I don’t really care at this point. OPEN EVERYTHING BACK UP! If you get it, you have 99% survival rate. That is better than driving, or other activities we do regularly. The goal was to flatten the curve. We have done that. MOVE ON!

  6. I hope the city doesn’t consider shutting down businesses and curtailing our activities again when we let protests/riots go on every day, everywhere (and televised no less) with no consideration for social distancing or masks. All the cities and states have forgotten the pandemic health guidelines in order to allow riots in the streets day in and day out. Enough with the quartentine and leave people be. You can’t ask people to stay home or close their businesses when rioters are allowed in the streets.

  7. People need to remember that first, people become infected and may test positive. Then some may end up in a hospital 1-2 weeks later. And, unfortunately, for some death arrives another 1-2 weeks later. If we wait until the rise in number of hospitalizations and deaths is apparent, we will have lost 4 weeks of contact tracing. Those new positive record numbers should really worry us. I hope the Gables takes all the mitigation strategies (face masks, social distancing) and the containment strategies (testing, tracing) seriously.

  8. It is unfortunate reality that Covid 19 will be around for quite some time. Having said that, we must learn to live with it. There should be proper enforcement of social distancing guidelines versus shutting businesses down that in turn, is destroying small business owners and the economy as a whole. Hospitalizations have not increased. Many people get sick and 100% asymptomatic. Why shut the economy? The economy remains open when there are flu outbreaks! It is understandable to take drastic measures if hospitals are overwhelmed with covid cases but that is not the case.

  9. Every expert repeatedly states that social distancing and masks are necessary to limit the spread of the corona virus. In order to get buy in from the public, we need leadership; which we have on the local level. Unfortunately that cannot be said for the leadership at the state and federal level. Governor DeSantis misleads the public, withholds information, fires people who try publicize the truth, and slavishly follows President Trump’s disastrous leadership in closing the state too late and opening too soon. President Trump refuses to follow the government’s scientists by ignoring social distancing and refusing to wear a mask because it detracts from his manliness. The protests are terrible from a health standpoint. However the fact that these protestors are doing wrong’ does not give the President the right to herd people into a big arena without social distancing and without masks. Maybe his followers are prepared to risk their lives but the other folks in Tulsa do not have any option and are being put in harms way. That is simply wrong and lives are being lost as a result.

  10. Seems like people are missing the point. Numbers are obviously going to increase as we open up, demonstrations or no demonstrations. This is the time to test as widely as possible to be able to contact trace and contain another peak. You have to ask yourself wether stopping local testing by the Gables at this time made any sense. It is each individual’s responsibility to wear masks and distance. It is the Gables responsibility to test before we loose control again.

  11. Thank you for providing this essential data. We need to know the truth about the number of Covid cases. Armed with the truth, people can then make informed decisions about how best to proceed.

  12. We appreciate your comment. The numbers are provided by the State of Florida and not framed in any way. They are provided to our subscribers as they are provided to us. Gables Insider has asked the State for deaths and hospitalization, as well as recovered patients in Coral Gables, but the State will not release this data. If we receive this data in the future, we will provide it. Thank you/

  13. You need to stop framing the data this way! It is deceptive and ridiculous. Are there more hospitalizations, deaths??? This virus will be with us for some time. We each have to find ways to mitigate depending on our risk assessment. Protect the vulnerable while the rest get back to work and school. Do you have any idea what this lockdown has done to other illnesses, mental health, domestic violence, etc ??

  14. How can any city consider shutting down businesses and curtailing our activities when we allow protests to go on every day with no social distancing or masks? It’s hypocritical when, until recently, people were being fined for gatherings of more than 10 people. However, the cities and states have forgotten the pandemic health guidelines in order to allow protests every day. Now, the cities cannot in good consciousness ask people to close their businesses when they are operating under much more stringent guidelines than those who are allowed by permit to protest.

    I respect the right to protest peacefully since it’s our constitutional right and racism is a big problem. The right to protest is our constitutional right. But, the states and cities took away all of our constitutional rights when the pandemic came. Millions of people became unemployed or lost their businesses for the greater good of flattening the curve.

    The health safety guidelines should be enforced at the protests. This lack of enforcement is probably what caused a surge in the number of cases. This was not caused by businesses operating safely. Perhaps, if the cities choose to close our businesses again, we should all go out and protest, too. We deserve our constitutional rights and we should not let anyone take them away from us ever again.

  15. The solution is not to close up but to enforce wearing masks and social distance. Why are some restaurants packed inside, without social distance and without masks? Why are protesters being allowed to not wear masks??? Enforce the laws, put fines and we will avoid the closing which will kill all of our businesses!

  16. Up
    Recently tests were only for people 65+ with symptoms. At the same time as we opened the city we opened testing to anyone over 18 with or without symptoms. It would be useful to know if the increase in cases is due to the opening or the expanded testing. Based on the relatively flat hospitalisation rate it would appear that the increase is primarily do increased testing but solid data would really be appreciated by all.

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