Coral Gables Senior High School Construction Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous issues and challenges to Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

However, one issue that has remained unaffected has been it’s renovations and construction at Coral Gables Senior High School.

By next month, the current phase of the project will be completed including the construction of the new building. This will be followed with the completion of the new courtyard in the Spring.

In a presentation made to the City’s School Community Relations Committee, Chief Facilities Officer Victor Alonso, explained that the next phase will be the renovations of the main campus building.

Through this process, the budget for the renovation have continued to grow, thanks in large part to the work of School Board Member Mari Tere Rojas. In December, it was announced, she had been able to secure an additional $11 million for the renovations of the school’s gym.

The additional funding will bring the total project costs to $43 million. The completion of the full project is expected to be sometime in 2024.


1 thought on “Coral Gables Senior High School Construction Update

  1. Great! So we have one new wing. Now, what about the rest of the 75 year old school that is falling apart? Are we going to piece meal this thing? Think we can keep effectively remodeling a school designed with no air conditioning over and over again? Do you know that this proposed remodel for the rest of the campus will be the 10th major remodel since the school opened in 1950. You can only remodel so many times until all your doing is painting over problems. Classrooms are dark, with no windows since the windows were boarded up in the 90s. The infrastructure of the school is old and decrepid. Coral Gables needs a new school, deserves a new school and I think we are foolish to expect anything less. It is not an historical building, there is nothing unique about its design and construction so stories claiming we have to preserve something, in this case, is just an excuse not to build a beautiful new school for our great city. You know, like the one further south? Yes, our rival Palmetto. What a big nice shiny new school they got – a school that was 10 years newer than Gables when it was torn down and replaced with allotted with General Bond money. The same should have happened with Gables.

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