County Mayor Expands Mask Order To Require Outdoor Use Or Face Penalties/Jail Time

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has signed an Executive order amending his previous mask order, mandating the use of masks outdoors.

The previous order only required the use of masks indoors where social distancing of 6 feet was not possible.

Under this new amended order, masks must be worn outdoors. “The amendment will now require masks to always be used outdoors with few exceptions. The exclusions to the use of masks apply only to those with respiratory conditions that make it difficult to cover their mouth and nose, people doing strenuous activities, such as jogging, and children under the age of 2, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.”

In a statement, Mayor Gimenez added that there are penalties for violating the order. “Until the County establishes civil fines related to this order, the current penalties for violating an emergency order remain in effect: up to $500 and/or up to 180 days in jail.”

In his statement, he added, “I want to once again reiterate that if everyone follows the New Normal rules of social distancing of at least six feet, wear facial coverings (which can be homemade) and stay safer at home unless they need to go to work or to a store, we can get back to opening up our economy. If people continue to flaunt the rules, we will be forced to close non-essential businesses and all other activities that we began opening up in May.”


9 thoughts on “County Mayor Expands Mask Order To Require Outdoor Use Or Face Penalties/Jail Time

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  2. I feel like, this is leading up to them mandating that we take the vaccine for this so-called virus, things may get better but, things may get a lot worse, especially right before the vaccines roll out.

    Not to be negative but, I have a feeling that there’s going to be a huge spike every where when it finally starts getting cold. They’ll be a bunch of misdiagnosed people who probably really have the flu. Maybe they’ll roll out the vaccines around that time.

  3. So, there’s another link in the first link, this is the last part of it.

    This is a life and death situation, and everyone must take it seriously.

    Carlos A. Gimenez isn’t taking it seriously. If you’re going to throw someone in jail or fine them for the absence of a mask, any mask, even a regular surgical one that couldn’t do anything to protect you anyway, wowzers! That’s not the way that I would have went about it!!!!!!! This is about control over the general populace, I don’t feel like it has anything to do with saving lives at all. America is going to be like China at some point, as of now, they pretty much completely took away our right of having freedom of speech.

  4. And I understand that maybe N 95 masks may not be readily available for everybody to buy right now, maybe some can’t even afford it.
    That’s where our government is supposed to step in, hell, they just give out a whole bunch of stimulus checks, some of that money couldn’t have gone to making sure people had the n95 mask?

    I’m one of the many that actually pays for health insurance, I’m paying for health insurance every month, but I don’t go to the doctor every month, why couldn’t it be a situation where your health insurance pays for N 95 masks and face shields? Is this mask order really about saving lives, or is it about something else?

  5. wear facial coverings (which can be homemade)

    I don’t understand that part of it.

    Why aren’t they pushing for the N 95 masks to be worn? The regular surgical masks most people wear are useless.

    I don’t know about you guys but, I find it hard to always stay six feet away from people in social situations, sometimes people will come close to you. I don’t know how effective this new mask order is going to be.
    So you could go to jail if you’re not wearing a mask out doors or indoors out side of your home? If there is a virus at all, it can still be spread, most people wear regular surgical mask anyway. Why wouldn’t the country mayor push for the N 95 masks to be worn inside and outside? Are they waiting for enough people to get sick/ die to be able to justify that it’s mandatory that everybody takes the vaccine for the virus, once it rolls out?
    Don’t be surprised if you could face a fine/ jail time if you don’t want to take the vaccine once it rolls out.
    And, I’m not sure there is a Coronavirus being passed around at all? What if it was something else? It was never proven with certainty that there’s a Coronavirus being spread.
    They can do whatever they want to do to us, they tell us to abide by some rule, and we’re supposed to just do it.

  6. Masks are not comfortable and I don’t like wearing them but let’s all work together to get the virus back under control. People in the service industry are just getting back to work and many need their jobs to support their families. Let’s all do it for the good of our community. I had not been wearing a mask while walking the dog or walking along the golf course, but starting today I will. United we can protect each other. Just do it!

  7. Do you need to wear a mask when walking in your neighborhood or along the golf course in granada etc.? Very confusing as to the ordinance

  8. The order is unconstitutional. The County May only require the use of masks on County Property.

  9. Is a mask required even if you are not within ten feet of any person you don’t live with?

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