DEVELOPING: Police Investigating After 1 Person Is Hospitalized Following Gun Going Off At Sushi Maki On Ponce De Leon Blvd

Ariel Fernandez

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Police are investigating after 1 person has been hospitalized following a gun going off at the Sushi Maki located at 2334 Ponce de Leon Blvd on Tuesday, February 28th at around 8:45PM.

Coral Gables Sargeant Alex Escobar informed the media that, “Our officers responded to a call of an accidental discharge of a firearm inside Sushi Maki.”

Escobar added that the incident involves an off-duty officer, but was not prepared to answer what agency the officer belonged to.

It is unknown if the gun belongs to the off-duty officer. No additional injuries were reported.

The investigation is ongoing.


5 thoughts on “DEVELOPING: Police Investigating After 1 Person Is Hospitalized Following Gun Going Off At Sushi Maki On Ponce De Leon Blvd

  1. R. Gastonson, humor (or the lack thereof) aside, the truth is the truth. This blog is overrun with conspiracy theorists who bandy the labels of “fraud,” “corrupt,” etc. about like candy at Halloween. Everything posted here becomes a referendum on our elected officials, whether justified or not. But nice attempt at deflection, pal.

  2. We should think about how this can happen with a trained professional (ignoring Jim’s argument that has no basis in logic or evidence) and meanwhile Republican state legislators are trying to pass permit less carry in Florida. This is a danger to all. Let’s stop ignoring the truth.

  3. Having been a lifelong resident of Coral Gables from birth but having left after retiring from being a public school teacher for 30 years in 2018, and moving to East Tennessee, I find it unsurprising that it’s a LEO. You can’t preach anti Second Amendment doctrine in the schools (which translates to hiring leftist teachers) for two generations and expect your law enforcement officers to have the upbringing in gun safety of other Southern states. Training at the Police Academy is inadequate to instill enough “muscle memory” to make safe gun handling inherent.

    In fact, I remember when a past Chief of the Coral Gables PD was at a local gym and stored his department sidearm in the gym’s locker while he exercised and in getting dressed later, managed to clack off not one but TWO unintentional shots from his Glock into the locker! He also had another such incident in his own office bathroom blowing apart the toilet. Thankfully none of the acts of incompetency resulted in any injuries.

    I speak not only having been a Miami Dade Public School Educator, but also as a former US Army Infantry Officer, a former State of Florida Correctional Parole Officer (great preparation for teaching in an inner city high school) and an NRA Instructor for 35 years, now. Also a competitive shooter. I was a Social Studies Teacher of the Year during my tenure in the inner city.

  4. Saul, it is obvious you are trying so hard to be funny, but you have failed miserably buddy.

  5. What, no one’s blaming the mayor, city attorney or city manager for this? What’s wrong with you people? It’s all connected. This is just a pretext for them to build high rises in your trash pits.

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