Director of Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Warren Adams To Depart Coral Gables

Ariel Fernandez

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The City of Coral Gables’ Director of Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Warren Adams has announced his departure from the City of Coral Gables this month.

Adams, who was hired by Coral Gables in March of 2021, has decided to move to Alabama later this month, leaving a vacancy in the City’s top historic preservation position.

Adams whi holds a Master of Arts in Conservation Studies from the University of York, a Bachelor of Science in Land Economics from the University of Paisley, and a Certificate in Building Construction and Management from the Glasgow College of Building, came to Coral Gables from the City of Miami, where he served as Miami’s Historic Preservation Officer.

The City has not announced if his position will be posted or an internal replacement will be named.


12 thoughts on “Director of Historical Resources and Cultural Arts Warren Adams To Depart Coral Gables

  1. I’m not sure who I would vote for between Fernandez or Bucello. One thing is for sure, though, having a blog dealing with municipal politics appears to be good business for a candidate in the municipality. Where is the “if Ariel Fernandez does not win, the City of Coral Gables will die” guy?

  2. We need attorneys like Bucelo like we need another pandemic.
    Ariel Fernandez for commissioner.

  3. I voted for Bucelo since he is a professional attorney and we need professionals in our City Commission NOT bloggers without a profession and who worked under a guy who is under fraud investigation at this time. Alex Bucelo will win easily this election. No wonder Ariel was lonely during Early voting at the Youth Center.

  4. The number of votes and not the amount of campaign money from outsiders determines an election.
    Ariel Fernandez for Coral Gables commissioner.

  5. I had the pleasure of working with Warren. I wish him the best because he deserves it. Why anyone would continue to work for the City under the toxic conditions is beyond me. I was bound by the golden handcuffs, otherwise I would have left years before Lago was elected Mayor.

  6. Warren Adams was definitely a bright spot at City Hall. Intelligent, friendly and devoted to historic preservation, he is a gem. A loss for us and a win for Alabama. Best wishes to him and his family on their new adventure.

  7. I can’t wait to cast my vote for Ariel Fernandez… I’ve known Wareen for years and perhaps, he saw the writing on the wall and didn’t want to deal with all the political backstabbing coming down from the Mayor’s office. If we continue to let him and his cronies to shamelessly over develop our City Beautiful, then we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves.

  8. Vote Ariel or there will be no historical buildings left. Bucello is collecting campaign funds from outsiders and will have to pay them back but allowing them to build up our City. He is in with the developers. This vote is so important for the integrity of our City and its history.

  9. Outsiders have pillaged your City. Stop them. Ariel Fernandez for commissioner.

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