Dog Safety PSA: Hot Pavement

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A longtime Coral Gables resident reached out to Gables Insider this week and asked us to help share the following post that had been created in the Animal Awareness Advocating and Educating Group on Facebook.

The information relates to the hot pavements and street surfaces many of us regularly use to walk our pets. We wear shoes, but our best friends don’t.

The post reads as follows:

“PLEASE PLEASE leave me at home. It’s not nice for me to run next to you. But because I am a loyal dog, I often go beyond my limits. And so I run beside you, stand still if I must. And feel my paws burn. I look at you for a moment, but you don’t understand. Because in 5 minutes, we will be at the cool puddle, right? But those 5 little minutes can now just be fatal for me. Because I sweat through my Tongue and feet and this heat I just can’t reach it the puddle in time I cook from the inside, but I keep going….. And so I end up on the asphalt. In the heat and in the sun. With my tongue out of my mouth and my eyes blinking in the sun. My feet burned my tongue dry and my head pounding from the heat that my body can’t get rid of the heat Don’t brand the paw print! Let your dog enjoy the sun, at home with a large bowl of water, a place in the shade. And best of all, preferably a cool patch of grass.”


4 thoughts on “Dog Safety PSA: Hot Pavement

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. We are surrounded by morons. Maybe too much internet/ cell phones have ruined people’s thinking skills. Watering grass is prohibited between 10am-4pm yet that’s the time I see the most people on the Granada Golf Course. People are sweating more at this time, losing water not fat & torturing their dogs. Shame on them!

  2. Socks will not work in this case. When I am driving and see a person walking the dog on a hot surface I stop and gently say, “please, try to walk your dog on the shaded side of the street, it is too hot and your baby paws are burning up” they usually say thank you others look at me like saying “mind your own business” which is ok, I just care and love dogs & cats. I also stop, lower my window and say “thank you for picking up after your dog”, they just smile or say always!

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