Early Voting This Weekend For Coral Gables Runoff

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Vote-by-mail ballots should have been received already. If you have not received your ballot, you can reach out to the Miami-Dade Elections Department at 305-499-VOTE.

A ballot drop box will be available at the Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center (405 University Drive) during early voting, this Saturday and Sunday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

Group IV Runoff

In Group IV, with no candidate having received a 50% +1 majority, Ivette Arango O’Doski and Melissa Castro are on the ballot for the runoff election.

Early Voting

Early Voting will be available from 7:00AM to 7:00PM at the Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center on Saturday, April 22nd, and Sunday, April 23rd.

Election Day

Election Day will be on Tuesday, April 25th.


37 thoughts on “Early Voting This Weekend For Coral Gables Runoff

  1. i think that you are a conspiracy theorist since I am not Mrs. Iglesias either. MI are my first and middle initials.

    I am not hispanic and yet like to have progress in our City Beautiful, create jobs by building big and nice buildings like the one that went up on Hernando and Valencia which is awesome and also creating big tax revenues for the City as well as many, many jobs.

    Im all in favor of development. PERIOD

  2. To MI,
    Sorry about that, MI.
    Then, based on your comments, you must be MRS. IGLESIAS.

  3. My initials are MI NOT ML. I’m
    Not Mrs Lago Dummy! Hahaha. Hope you know the difference between and I and L.

  4. To MI

    I can’t thank you enough for your comments.

    They made me more and more determined that Melissa Castro must be the next commissioner for Coral Gables.

  5. The residents of Coral Gables are intelligent – we have lived in cities around the globe – we know revenues can be generated from sources other than real estate taxes and overdevelopment and “densification” as their re-zoning consultant Plater Zyberk likes to call it – a healthy alternative would be municipal bonds – though there are other alternatives that can be benchmarked by researching comparable municipalities.

    Therefore as stated the choice is clear, indeed.

    Ariel Fernandez

    Melissa Castro


    Alex Bucelo

    Ivette Arango

    Vince Lago
Kirk Menendez

    Rhonda Anderson


    The residents of Coral Gables are not falling for the empty arguments. If current “leadership” cannot imagine alternatives then residents will vote for those capable of benchmarking and emulating successful cities such as Palm Beach. There are intelligent alternatives.

  6. Whoever is this MI or ML, you are the only one pushing for development, changing our City and Arango O’Doski on this feed. You have continually stated Arango O’Doski will vote with the 3 leaders we want out: Menendez, Anderson, Lago. So why would we ever vote for Arango knowing her plan is to change CG, support developers, vote with the masses instead of assessing each item and then voting because she needs to pay back all the outsiders and PACS who gave her money?
    We asked her at early voting this weekend 2 questions. One on development and one on finance. SHE COULD NOT ASWER EITHER QUESTION. She had read the status of both but would not state any comments because either she did not know the answers or they are aligned with the decisions that the residents oppose. She sent out a text stating it was from Gables United Neighbors in Coral Gables, when IT WAS NOT !!! Everything she has done and said is not what is good for our City. Arango O’Doski is bad bad news.

  7. Im all for progress for our City beautiful. Have to bring it to he 21st century. And help bring up value to our properties. And not to mention that they give a lot of $ to the City and great source of employment for many tske as an example that humongous project on the Ponce circle which I applaud. Look at the townhouses on Valencia and Anderson. 4 million dollars and properties around them have gone up. So definitely let’s move our City to. the 21st century. Let’s go Yvette and gain a majority in the Commisdion!

  8. Let us be clear

    Ariel Fernandez
    Melissa Castro

    Alex Bucelo
    Ivette Arango
    Vince Lago
    Kirk Menendez
    Rhonda Anderson

  9. Arango is supported by Lago.

    Fernandez ran against Bucelo, supported by Lago. Ariel is certainly clear-minded and courageous. But. YOU, THE RESIDENT, MADE HIM THE WINNER.

    Now, Castro runs against Arango, also supported by Lago.

    Melissa had the guts to run for office and has no financial conflict of interest.


  10. Melissa refused funding from any problematic PAC or developer

    Melissa is endorsed by Ariel Fernandez who refused funding from any problematic PAC or developer

    Melissa has our family’s vote and our entire block because she and Ariel Fernandez are unbought and unbossed

  11. Arango got big campaign money from places outside of Coral Gables. Arango owes big favors to outsiders. If elected, big money from outsiders prevents her from advancing the big interests of the residents. She has a big conflict of interest.

  12. We voted again for Arango. She will win as she had a 10’point average over Castro. GO Yvette!!!

  13. MI…
    Have never understood why ppl don’t use their own names here. What are you and rest afraid of? Retaliation?

    As to that hub. The plans are lovely. FOR BRICKELL, AVENTURA, BISCAYNE BLVD. NOT A BLOCK OFF MIRACLE MILE. I’ve lived here 35 years and are us losing the particular flavor Gables used to offer. It’s very sad

  14. MI or MLewis. I hope everyone reads your posts. As you stated, the votes will be 4 to 1 if Arango O’Doski gets elected, with Ariel being the one. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? Arango O’Doski will vote the same as Lago and the same as what we are pushing back against. It is a blanket comment that shows us how wrong this candidate is for CG, and how she will me part of the problem All your posts prove why we should vote for Castro. Thank you for the foot in the mouth support.

  15. Thank you MI. You just gave everyone the reasons NOT to vote for O’Doski. We are not in support of anything you said.

  16. We will vote again for Ivette who held a 10 points advantage over Castro. All my friends will too. I’m all PRO progression and what “you Might call” development. Let’s keep our future by building whatever is needed such as he parking hub on Andalucía. I go there once or twice a week and the parking garage is either full or have to park at the top, elevators don’t work, the stairs are dirty as hell and it’s disgusting. We need a new builfing whether opposers like it or not. They probably never use the old and dirty garage. Let’s keep Gables looking at the future and building whatever is needed for us the residents. Vote for Progress! Vote Arango!

  17. To MI, what a pathetic reason to vote for Ivette. You are worried that Fernandez will be out voted and things will not get done in CG due to the slight obstruction. What things, a concrete jungle, giving concessions to developer who supports the politician, placing a City Attorney in a position without a full detailed search, placing a disliked politician in a temporary commissioners position who has voted and was stated he would not (Cason)? A hub that has wasted millions, supporting a city manager who is a dictator? A commission who is deaf and blind to the residents they are supposed to work for. You are part of the problem. Open your eyes. VOTE CASTRO

  18. The choice is clear. If you want ” Business as usual ” with massive developments, underhanded decisions that do not include the resident’s requests or wishes, and one who owes outsiders favors for their donations (using CG for profit), then vote for O’Doski. If you want our City to remain the City Beautiful with our quaint feel, have an independent who will listen and support the residents of CG on the commission and who owes no one nothing as she took no money from PACS & developers, then vote Castro. Anderson and Menendez turned out to be some of the biggest liars in our political history, and never supported their promises. Lago is running this City to the ground and just because no one ran against him, does not mean we support him. O’Doski supported dirty politics just like Bucelo in her negative campaign against Castro, as Castro ran a clean campaign. Please people, it is time to take back our City and stop this insanity. VOTE CASTRO and have Coral Gables BE the Coral Gables we live here for.

  19. I hope and pray by having Castro on board, the other two will be persuaded and energized to remember why themselves decided to be Commissioners. They need to remember their personal nightmares they had with the city. Do better for the city, neighbors, and resident and everyone will win!!! Hate to say it, Lago is a bully. Anderson should know better, to stop the bullying, and stay on course true to herself. Little girls need to see strong female roles not persuaded by the male dominated bullying.

  20. Wow! A short time ago, when almost all past and present elected officials, and even some high salaried employees were ready to continue leading our City Beautiful down the wrong path, we, the people spoke!! Yes, we spoke loud and clear and gave Ariel Fernandez a very resounding win. Some have said that David beat Goliath, but they are wrong. We, the people. are Goliath! We are the silent majority that showed with our vote that we won’t allow our City to be bought or bartered! No more shady deals will be done during our watch. Our voices will not be ignored any more! We will not tolerate it! Those that thought that we could be bought, or bullied into maintaining the status quo, the smoke and mirrors style of governing were proven wrong! We won’t stand for it, wether they like it or not!
    Our residents were “promised”, in reality. threatened with mass resignations, and dire consequences if Ariel were to be elected. We are ready! Were those another set of the usual empty “promises”?
    Some have obviously not learned the lesson and dirty politics and scare tactics came back for the run off. How do they expect us to vote for anyone who gives our elected officials the “power to raise income taxes, increase the price of gas and groceries” for example?
    Pleaseeee! Get real!
    We need to have another “unbought and unbossed”, another “people’s voice” in our Commission! Perhaps we will then see others join them and really represent us!
    Let’s make it happen! Let’s elect MELISSA Castro! Let’s finish what was started by electing Ariel! Let’s make Roxcy Bolton and George Merrick proud by voting for Melissa Castro in the run off.

  21. I will be at early voting 7 am Saturday to vote for Melissa Castro. I hope her and Ariel stay on the people’s team. Remember when Rhonda Anderson was suppose to be our foil against the special interests? She joined the establishment developer’s team. So disappointed. And Kirk Menendez – your free movie and ice cream events won’t buy off the voters- so disappointed with your pro developer votes.

  22. I voted for Ms. Castro in the runoff, but she is playing catch-up. Her opponent was only 4 points from the 51% threshold in the first round and she cannot expect to get all the votes for the two candidates who did not make the runoff. My expectation, however, is that only the most-dedicated, most-involved residents will vote in the runoff, which may bode well for Ms. Castro.

    To MI’s points, it is obviously better to have two “pro-resident” commissioners, even if they are a minority because it only takes one more to create a majority. It is also important to have more commissioners asking the questions the residents want answered on important issues before the city.

  23. No one will be recalled. Do you think we live in a Banana Republic? That will never happen and Nr Fernández will be outnumbered completely if Arango wins. It will be a 4-1 decisions most of the time. So get ready and hold on to your seats! Interesting Commission meetings coming up in the near future!

  24. to Mlewis:

    You ask what is to be gained with Ariel Fernandez and Melissa Castro as commissioners? They are out numbered by Vince Lago, Kirk Menendez, and Rhonda Anderson. You say “think twice” about electing Mr. Fernandez and Ms. Castro.

    I have thought about it, more than twice. Mr. Fernandez and Ms. Castro may be out numbered but only for a very short time. Mr. Lago, Mr. Menendez, and Ms. Anderson will all be recalled. They lied to us when they ran for office. They betrayed the City.

    In a short time, once again, the residents will own their City.

  25. Im voting again for Yvette and what could Mr.Fernandez achieve with a Commission vote of 4-1 ?!!!! Did you ever think about it when you wished for Ariel and Melissa?!!! Those 4 endorsed Bucelo and Arango ! Think twice about NOT ever reaching a majority to make the “proposed changes to our City Beautiful !!!

  26. Im voting again for Yvette and what could Mr.Fernandez achieve with a Commission vote of 4-1 ?!!!! Did you ever think about it when you wished for Ariel and Melissa?!!! Those 4 endorsed Bucelo and Arango ! Think twice about NOT ever reaching a majority to make the “proposed changes to our City Beautiful !!!

  27. My vote is in for Melissa. Sign is on my front lawn next to Ariel which I have not removed.

    If you want progress, we need voices that represent the residents of this city not the personal agendas of some or those developers that want to destroy the character of the city.

    Two years from now, we have a duty to remove two or three additional commissioners, starting with Kirk Menendez and Rhonda Anderson. People that have deceived voters by campaigning for us, then aligning themselves to other needs, perhaps their own.

  28. Got a call from a political hack as well to vote for Ivette. Told the woman I’m voting for Melissa Castro. The residents of Coral Gables have had enough! They are desperate. Loving it!


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