Election Endorsements

Many of you have emailed and messaged asking if Gables Insider will be making endorsements or recommendations for the April election. We have decided not to make endorsements this election.

However, we are happy to share the endorsements made by our counterparts at the Miami Herald and Community Newspapers’ Coral Gables News.


Miami Herald – For Coral Gables mayor, the Herald recommends candidate who will really listen to residents – Vince Lago

Coral Gables NewsCoral Gables News Recommends Vince Lago for Mayor


Miami HeraldOur recommendation for Coral Gables Group Two has a solid track record of civic involvement – Rhonda Anderson

Coral Gables NewsCoral Gables News Recommends Tania Cruz-Gimenez for Group II Commissioner


Miami HeraldFor Coral Gables Group Three, the Herald recommends candidate with better focus, vision – Javier Baños

Coral Gables NewsCoral Gables News Recommends Javier Baños for Group III Commissioner


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