Feria de Sevilla Coming to Coral Gables 2020 or 2021

At the last City Commission meeting, Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli brought forth an event organizer to present the idea of sponsoring and funding Feria de Sevilla in Coral Gables on Giralda Ave. Coral Gables is a sister-city with Seville in Spain.

The proposal includes the mayor going to Sevilla and brining a symbolic light back to Coral Gables to kick-off the Feria de Abril in Coral Gables. The organizers showed a beautiful presentation replicating the Spanish festival in the City Beautiful’ s Giralda Ave bringing prominent flamenco singers and dancers as well as other cultural features promising the month-long event to be a world class event.

Rendering of Feria de Abril in Coral Gables as presented at the 2/11/20 Commission Meeting

However as eager as the event organizers are to bring this concept to Coral Gables, several commissioners had concerns over the timeline. The organizers sought the city’s buy in of $284,250 for this upcoming April 2020.

Vice Mayor Vince Lago asked “Do you feel it’s a little short notice to put together this type of endeavor which is a pretty significant one?”

The organizer said they have been working on the project with the city since October 2019 and it would take 10 days to put together the plans to submit to the city.

Commissioner Mena said his concern is the timing. The event would be happening in less that three months adding he was uncomfortable with committing the amount of money asked with such little time to deliver.

The City’s economic development director said staff had suggested the organizers meet with the Business Improvement District and Chamber of Commerce, but they had not done so at the time of the presentation.

Valdes-Fauli asked the organizer to come back to the commission with a more detailed plan on how they can deliver for May 2020 despite his colleagues reluctance to commit this year.


2 thoughts on “Feria de Sevilla Coming to Coral Gables 2020 or 2021

  1. A minor change of plans: let’s ship the symbolic light from Sevilla and avoid the Mayor’s boondoggle. Perhaps Mr. V-F wouldn’t be so anxious to have the event in 2020, given that someone else will be Mayor in ’21.

  2. Good for Lago and Mena. The minute the fair is over, Seville begins planning the next year’s festival. Even for a mini festival, 90 days to prep isn’t enough. Consider that a wedding takes a year on average to plan. And what’s the Seville Fair without a strong display of horses? Where are you planning to put the many trucks needed to bring them to the City? L et’s not throw something together and at $284k. I hope the budget doesn’t include the cost of the Mayor’s trip to Seville. if yes, I want to be part of the entourage; I too love Seville. Has the City measured the financial benefits to the merchants of all the events on Giralda?

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