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Miami coming off of its first ACC series win hit the road for their first road trip of the season. Facing off against FAU their last win at Boca was almost two years ago. With Miami struggling with their mid-week games having lost 3 of their last 4, JD finally decided to go in a different direction with his starting pitcher. Ashton Crowton, out all of last year, got his first collegiate start. Different face, same result. Ashton was not able to last through 4 innings holding off an aggressive Owl offense giving up five runs on 6 hits. Every time we were able to answer with a run, the Owls would counter with runs of their own. The Offense just couldn’t keep up with the ineffective pitching that has plagued this team all season. Not being at the Light, there would not be any Cardiac Madness or Mark Light Magic to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Even with two HRs by Daniel Cuvet and Jack Scanlon, FAU had a counter of their own offsetting any momentum the Canes seem to build. Not being able to string hits together, 1-9 with RISP, and leaving 11 stranded spelled another mid-week loss.

A new look for the OF with Blake Cyr, ACC Player of the Week, taking over LF duties, Jacoby Long starting in center, and Edgardo Villegas moving to right. Jack Scanlon is behind the plate and Antonio Jimenez is at short.

Ben Chestnutt, finally being relieved as the mid-week starter, JD turns to Ashton Crowther in the hope of turning things around. As stated in the opening paragraph, different face, same result. Loading the bases in the first three of the four innings he pitched, FAU scored in each putting the offense in catch-up mode. Every time they did, Ashton would give it away

After Miami was unable to mount any type of offense in the first, Owls came back in the bottom of the first with four consecutive batters (HP,W,single) to load the bases followed by an RBI single.

Miami answered in the second With Torres opening with a double making his way to third and home on a SF by Jimenez. Owls come right back with one of their own and threaten again having bases loaded for the second time with just one out but Crowther held with a strikeout and FO to deep center.

Back-and-forth it went with Miami scoring in the 3rd to tie the score on a Covet homer only to watch the Owls retake the lead in the bottom half with a homer of their own. Miami chanced to take the lead with an attempted steal for home by Dorian getting cut short at the plate 

Scanlon opens the 4th with a homer, but the Owls do one better getting bases loaded for the third time and driving a single through the middle on what seemed to be miscommunication between short and second bringing in two runs and FAU takes a two-run lead (5-3).

The offense just ran out of steam trying to keep up with our pitching unable to slow the scoring. After Crowther was relieved in the third, it was Pitching by Committee. Caruso, Chestnutt, Caba, Olivera, and Scinta kept the runs off the board but there wasn’t any sustaining force left to come up with what we saw in the Virginia series late in the game. After the 4th, just 4 hits with one run in the 7th countering the one in the 6th by the Owls. The only time the team threatened other than the run score in the 7th came in the 5th with back-to-back singles by Torres and Scanlon but Carrier striking out left Torres 90 feet from home.

It was two different games, with the second half seeming to be going through the motions but getting nowhere. Tonight, Crowther was not the answer in place of Chestnutt. When Ben came in to pitch the 5th, he never looked sharper but I am not suggesting his return to the mid-week slot. JD just needs to keep on looking. 

Offensively, it was not a strong showing. Three with multiple numbers: Daniel Cuvet 2-5(HR,RBI), Jason Torres 3-5(double), Jack Scanlon 2-5(HR,RBI). They collectively had 7 of the 9 hits. Carrier had a single and Long a double. Not an impressive showing after Virginia. you would figure they would be on a high after this weekend but it was just the opposite. Blake was 0-4 after capturing Player of the Week. That’s baseball.

Need to put this behind us and prepare to face off against another ranked team. NC is not an easy task, the Cardiac Canes will be returning to their turf where the Mark Light Magic is ready to be lit. First pitch 7PM


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