Graffiti Suspects Caught On Camera

As reported earlier, the City of Coral Gables was targeted by vandals on August 23rd, who defaced Miracle Mile and the War Memorial Youth Center with graffiti.

Coral Gables Police Department has now released these images of the five reported suspects and the following videos related to the incidents. They also released the following statement:

“On August 23, 2020, at 12:56 a.m., three male subjects were captured on video using markers to graffiti a handicap parking sign and the Coral Gables Youth Center at 405 University Dr. Two female subjects, one with a German Shepard dog, were in the company of the three male subjects.”

“The subjects defaced various private and public properties using the same letters including benches, city equipment, walls, fountains, and a vehicle.”

“At 5:09 a.m., subject one and subject two, removed two bar stools from PPole Pizza at 279 Miracle Mile.”

“The Coral Gables Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying the above pictured subjects. Anyone with information about the subjects is asked to contact the Coral Gables Police Department at 305-442-1600 or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 (TIPS).”


15 thoughts on “Graffiti Suspects Caught On Camera

  1. Make them clean up their damage, make them pay a fine, make their parents pay a fine, charge them with a misdemeanor. If they are at UM expell them.

  2. The lights at the corner of Miracle Mile and Le Jeune are off (the corner where Randazzo’s was) leaving the open ambience for this kind of vandalism. Too many things happening on Miracle Mile and the police came later, more police present at all time is needed

  3. Why does the article say “five reported suspects” when the two girls are later said to be “in the company of the three male subjects” even though they walked away when the vandalism began?

  4. Jail for graffiti but not wearing a mask, which is a matter of life and death, gets a warning in the Gables?

    How asinine.

  5. Good job posting this on social media! I’m sure they will be recognized for the damage and there needs to be serious consequences to deter anyone else from this careless behavior. THANK YOU Gables Insider for disseminating this !!!

  6. Send them to rehabilitation, fine them and band them from coming into the city. Young thugs with poor manners. Had the easy life.

  7. Besides locking them up they should be condemned to writing graffiti for 8 hours a day until they have completed a total of 100,000 lines saying “Graffiti are symptoms of stupidity and disregard for the rest of society”. Also, they committed a burglary.

  8. Looks like some bored kids. I’m sure their parents will have something to say to them. Some good community service along with parental discipline will hopefully correct the issue from reoccurring. Then find them a productive hobby.

  9. We have been cooperative with WSVN and Local10 and they have been proceeded the same media release we received. Thanks!

  10. Lock them up, after 24 hours in jail these DO NOTHING BUMS are going to beg for forgiveness , they would probably change party affiliation

  11. Please send these videos to WSVN news and to Local 10 news Miami so they can expose these thugs

  12. Wasn’t this during curfew? Why is curfew only being enforced against residents arriving home after 10pm?
    Where is our police department?

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