‘Hidden Tax’ Repeal Gets Unanimous Support

Sponsored by Commissioner Michael Mena, the City Commission unanimously agreed to strike out language from the Code of Ordinances that required single family residential and duplex properties from entering into a covenant that runs with the land for the construction of sidewalks.

The language stems from a 1988 ordinances that states that improvements of 15,000 or 600sq ft on your property, require the property owner to construct a sidewalk. However, if the street does not already have sidewalks, property owners must sign a covenant with the city that runs with the land to build one once the majority of the street is ready.

The 1988 ordinance was ineffective, and the commission recognized that. In fact, when Mena asked the city to advise the affected property owners, they acknowledged they didn’t know where to start. “There’s no database in which we can proactively contact these people.” said City Attorney Miriam Ramos. 

“To the extent that you do know of any… please reach out to those people and let them know that they now have a recourse to remove that cloud on the title of their house.” responded Mena.

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2 thoughts on “‘Hidden Tax’ Repeal Gets Unanimous Support

  1. I had to agree to the sidewalk covenant less than a month ago. Please cofirm the covenant will not be recorded. If possible please refuse the filing fee of $35.

    Thank you,


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