3 thoughts on “Its 9:00PM, Lights On, Lock It Coral Gables!

  1. You probably should not publish the name or photo of someone who has not yet been convicted of a crime.

  2. I agree, but the problem start when the street light that illuminate your garage entrance is off for almost 6 months in spite of multiple reports to FPL, Miami Dade County, and Coral Gables City. I am talking about the corner of Bird/Monserrate. Also, the bus is in the darkness where mostly female people wait for the bus to arrive after a long working day! Thanks

  3. Take the junk out of the garage and keep your cars locked in the garage- most CG homes have one or more!
    Nice & cool in the morning and in the rainy season, no worries leaving/arriving house!!
    Plus, your car will never have the hazed front lights you often see. Our 10 year old SUV looks like new because it has always been garaged!!

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