Jan 28 Pre-Commission Digest

Digest for the January 28th City of Coral Gables Commission Meeting. These are just a few of the items. To view the complete agenda click here.

Mayor’s Comments 📣

  • Discussion regarding the progress on the Fink Studio. 🦺The Mayor is not satisfied with the pace of the Fink Studio renovation. At the previous commission meeting the mayor was very upset with the delay in the simple work needed to be done at the Fink Studio. The mayor asked that the architect on the project, Ana Alvarez, appear before the commission with the plans and address concerns. Valdes-Fauli alluded that if he was not satisfied with the update, he could suggest the city find a replacement architect.

Personal Appearances 🙋‍♂️

  • Maria Cruz regarding City Administration. 

Public Hearings

** 🆕Live Remote Public Comments: Livestreamed meetings will now allow the submission of Live Remote Public Comments. If you wish to be part of the scheduled Zoom meeting, please join the meeting by visiting: https://zoom.us/j/3054466800 📱 **

  • F-3 – Ordinance eliminating “Special Assessments”… “repair or construction of streets and sidewalks,” by eliminating Section 58-57 “Work required in new building construction and/or alterations exceeding $15,000.00 in value or exceeding 600 square feet in floor area,” in its entirety; providing for severability clause, repealer provision, and providing for an effective date. (Sponsored by Commissioner Mena)  💲 This Ordinance on First Reading will eliminate language that fell into desuetude but was dusted off by staff about a year ago. Residents who did not have sidewalks but were improving their homes or adding additions were forced into covenant agreements that ran with the property title. After a multitude of complaints from residents Mena brought this up and made a motion to repeal the language and called it a ‘hidden tax’. Mena stated that he’s not against sidewalks but there are better ways to go about building them then spot covenants on property owners when they decide to improve their home.  
  • F-4 An Ordinance of The City of Coral Gables, Florida, providing for text amendments to the City of Coral Gables Official Zoning Code, Article 3, “Development Review”, Section 3-606 to include Dade Heritage Trust, Inc. as party that may appeal decisions of The Historic Preservation Board; providing for a repealer provision, severability clause, codification, and providing for an effective date. (Planning and Zoning Board recommended denial, Vote: 4-2) (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago) (Sponsored by Commissioner Mena)
  • F-5 An Ordinance of the City Commission of City of Coral Gables, Florida approving a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Riviera Presbyterian Church for the purchase of a portion of the surface parking lot at 1325 Sunset Drive, Coral Gables, FL, also referred to as 5275 Sunset Drive, (the western portion of Folio No. 03-4130-009-3240) for the purpose of establishing a firehouse and park using State of Florida grant funds for a portion of the purchase; waiving certain requirements pursuant to Section 2-1089 of Division 12 of the Procurement Code; providing for severability clause and providing for an effective date. A fire station is coming to the mid-southeastern portion of the city on Sunset Drive. The city’s response times along the sunset and old cutler area including Cocoplum, Gables Estates and Hammock Lakes are set to drastically improve. The purchase price of the parking lot will be: $2,010,000 and is contingent upon the city getting a $1.5 million dollar grant from the State.
  • F-7 ** 🕙 TIME CERTAIN 10am ***

A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Coral Gables, Florida, directing the City Manager and City Staff to cease further consideration of bicycle lanes on Alhambra Circle as part of the Alhambra Circle Complete Streets Project. (Sponsored by Mayor Valdes-Fauli)

Commission Items 🗝

  • ⛳Update regarding Biltmore Golf Course maintenance issue. (Sponsored by Commissioner Mena)
  • 🏞Update on repairs to Salvadore Park. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago)
  • G-7 **🕤 TIME CERTAIN 12:15pm ***

A Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Coral Gables, Florida, declaring a Climate Emergency, and urging the State of Florida and the United States Government to provide for resilient and sustainable communities and proper stewardship of the environment. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago) (Sponsored by Mayor Valdes-Fauli)

  • G-4 ** 🕛 TIME CERTAIN 12:15pm ***

An update on the recently approved inter-local and mutual aid agreement between the City of West Miami and the City of Coral Gables providing for the creation of a Joint Enforcement Zone provision of law enforcement and creating a multi-agency anti-prostitution and human trafficking task force. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago)

  • 🥤A Resolution, supporting Florida Senate Bill 182 and Florida House Bill 6043, which if passed would repeal current state preemptions of local law relating to the regulation of expanded polystyrene products, single use plastic bags, wrappings, and containers. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Lago)
  • A Resolution directing the City Manager to cease the regular use of fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorous by City Staff or City Contractors from June 1 through September 30 yearly. (Sponsored by Commissioner Keon)

City Manager Items 📑

  • Update regarding remote parking. 🚗🚘🚙


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