10 thoughts on “Latest Coral Gables COVID-19 Numbers

  1. Good afternoon. Jack Thompson here, a resident of Coral Gables for 38 years. Unfortunately, the Mayor and the Commission have decided not to enforce the County’s mask order. The order mandates that Coral Gables enforce the order, but that mandate is being ignored. Public health and safety are also being ignored. I have requested and have received (by means of Florida’s public records law) copies of all of the Citations issued for mask violations. There have only been 11–ELEVEN–Citations, even though police officers are observating individuals all over Coral Gables not wearing masks, as they are required to be worn at all times outside, unless someone is running or otherwise engaged in strenuous activity. Walking requires a mask.

    So if you are wondering why the Covid infection rate is so high and is going up in Coral Gables, there’s the likely reason.

    Commissioner Lago cares, he says, about the environment. Great. How about he care enough about the human souls who live in this environment to speak up and say that the mask order should be enforced? Jack Thompson, 5721 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables, amendmentone@comcast.net

  2. Let’s start requiring masks EVEN while leisurely walking DONT understand the Mayors reluctance to wear masks while leisurely walking up and down Biltmore Way like I see from my balcony WITHOUT MASKS! What are you waiting for? To reach 2000 Covid infected people here in the Gables! PLEASE ACT today so this virus can be lowered at least in our community and those who are high risk and take care of themselves feel safe again!

  3. I see people without masks all over the Gables. Living in Coral Gables is synonymous with wealth,success, and a great life. Why in the world would anyone put that in jeopardy by not wearing a mask? I don’t get it. You work hard to achieve this life and lifestyle and you will let this virus take it all away. Wear a damn mask.

  4. Will the City of Coral Gables ever require masks at ALL TIMES? Leisure walking such as those people who walk in Miracle Mile on Sunday afternoon without A mask while we are eating without masks is a. BIG MISTAKE from our government. I had dinner last Sunday in Seasons 52 while people were walking up and down Miracle Mile , some of them WITHOUT A MASK. Unless you ask that it is Mandatory to wear a mask at all times even while leisurely walking YOU ARE NOT MAKING A SAFE AND HEALTHY DECISION for us Coral Gables residents. THINK AGAIN,,
    Masks should be worn all the time so numbers will go down in the Gables as they been going up for the past few days and already hit more than 1000. Elected officials thank you for listening to,this complaint and doing something about it.

  5. Seriously ? Our City leaders have shown ironically no leadership at all during this crisis–they have ‘elected’ to take a backseat and just follow whatever Miami-Dade County does AND a day later. Our City did not participate with the other mayors and is not trying to be an active part of the solution. it is not even looking out for its residents and now, it is reopening the site AND passing the cost along to its citizens. Disheartening and disappointing…certainly not the City leaders we had in the past.

  6. Is there a more clear visual? It is very hard to read the graphs, especially the number of new cases by day.

  7. I, for one, would rather know the truth even if it’s not to my liking, so thanks!

    A quick review of comments illustrates a trend in ‘quarantine fatigue’ and overall frustration often misdirected at the messenger. I get that, too.

    I thought it best to let you know, many people appreciate the work you’re doing to keep us informed and expect city leaders to keep asking for important data and to consider public safety top priority.

  8. Would it be possible to also show the number of hospitalized; discharged; and deaths, if any?
    There are at least 2 hospitals in Coral Gables, although patients may not be only from Coral Gables.

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